Become an online hair broker

jessica.jpgIf you look on Ebay, you’ll find that there’s a market for celebrity items. You can sell pretty much anything that’s related to a particular celebrity. I always thought it was fascinating how people would pay money for random signitures of celebrities. Why is that worth any money?

I understand that photographs of celebrities could fetch a lot of money. Especially if the shots are compromising. I’m sure you can sell it to any one of those celebrity gossip magazines for a lot of cash.

Did you know that celebrity hair is worth money? Here are some of the prices paid for at Mastro Auctions. These prices for snippets of celebrity hair. Jackie O, $4,024. Marilyn Monroe, $7,626. George Washington, $14,052. Abraham Lincoln, $34,309. Elvis Presley, $115,000.

I’m no hair appraiser, but looking at those prices, i’m sure a lock of Jessica Simpson’s hair will fetch at least 30 bucks. Start an online hair broker service. It could grow into a nice side business.

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