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patsy kensit makes money onlineBloggernoob is still a tiny blog, but i think i grew this blog to where my little noob images gets recognition. I would even go far as to say that bloggernoob is becoming an established “make money online” blog. The Noob is becoming popular. Popularity is important because it creates the illusion of credibility. A popular blog could brand him or herself as an expert and charge ridiculous fees for consultations or SEO advice. A popular blog can get paid (bigtime) by selling ad space on his blog. Even if the blog is god aweful, a popular blogger can make money online. I’ll list some things that i did to get bloggernoob up with the popular blogs.

Create a logo. Images are key to creating a recognizable brand. If your header only has text in it, you better change that up fast. I use an ugly and rather creepy baby image to brand my blog. The “Noob” was my elementary attempt at creating an image for this blog. The baby sucking on his finger in front of a computer can be seen on a lot of blogs. It’s ugly, creepy, and rather unprofessional. But, it’s very memorable. You can hate on it all you want, but once you see this image, you’ll think “bloggernoob dot com.” Even if you lack the computer graphics skill (like me) you can brand your site with some sort of image. Make a collage. Scribble on a freebie paint program. Do whatever you can do to create an image.

Advertise! Our modern world is filled with advertisements. We see it everywhere. I can’t even eat a banana without seeing a Nike ad stuck to my delicious yellow fruit. Remember what i said about not paying for stuff when you’re starting out. This step should be taken after you feel more comfortable about making money online. If you still have trouble making $10 a day with your blog, don’t buy ads. If you are starting to show some profits, market the hell out of your blog. Buy cheap and sell high. This doesn’t just apply to the stock market. The whole point is to buy cheap ads to promote your blog. This will help you establish yourself in your niche. Once you get established and traffic starts rolling in, you can actually sell over-priced ads on your site instead of just pretending to sell ads.

Network. When you’re a newbie, nobody will give you the time of day. You’re forced to beg for link trades. Don’t lose hope tho. You’ll start meeting other newbs just like you. You guys will form a reality tv like alliance. In time, the blogs in this “newb” alliance will get PR. And you guys can start helping each other grow bigger and bigger. Don’t waste your time sucking up to the big guys. Don’t read those useless blogs. Visit lowly blogs that are similar to yours. Leave useful comments and email those bloggers. Build a relationship with them. You scratch their backs and they’ll scratch you right back. If you don’t know where to find other noobs, join entrecard and blogcatalog. There are a whole bunch of noobs on both sites. Also, be active in a lot of web forums.

Show some bling! I mentioned many times how stupid we all are. We like glitz and glamour. We don’t want to be practical. We don’t want to judge people or blogs by what’s inside either. We want things that look shinny and pretty. In my book, we’re all a bunch of rednecks and gangsta rappers. We love bling so much that we even pimp out our piece of shit cars. So, if you want to get attention, you have to flash some cash. Give away a lot of free stuff. Brag about how much money you make (income reports). Be realistic tho. If you claim to make tens of thousands of dollars, nobody will believe you. Take pictures of checks you receive from you affiliate networks. Cover your ugly face with it and show it to the world. These methods work for some of the most popular MMO bloggers.

Make friends. When you are trying to make money online, you have to run it like a small business. Small businesses are facing tough times. I know cause i own several small businesses. We can’t compete in price or volume. So, the only thing that we can do is offer great customer service. With blogging, this means that you have to treat all of your readers with respect. You have to try to make friends. You can’t try to sell every ad or link. In the early stages, you have to give them away for free to your friends. Mega blogs don’t need to be nice. They don’t have to answer emails or reply to comments. They can do this cause they receive a lot of traffic regardless.

This post is getting too long so i’ll stop here for now. I’ve listed some general info here but if you want specifics, leave me a comment below and i’ll be sure to address them. Noob out!

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  1. J

    friends and a brand are really great advice…i used to work for an online marketing firm (representing luxury hotels worldwide) and branding was the #1 commandment there! good advice :)

  2. goofblogger makes money online

    I like your creepy baby logo. It certainly is an eye catcher. The first time I saw creep-baby sized to 125×125, I thought that it was sucking on a carrot. I guess that I should rephrase that…golden carrot :)

    Thanks for indicating that spending lots and lots on advertising right away isn’t helpful. I will wait until the daily income on my blog increases.

    I agree that begging isn’t worth. I have sent messages to some other bloggers,just general questions about how to accomplish this or that. Most of them just ignored my emails. Boo-hoo. I feel that making money online through blogging is a waiting game. If you stick with it,your baby blog will grow up and become self-sufficient.

  3. Wendy

    Tips aren’t bad. Pretty basic stuff as to newbies starting out.

    Networking is important as we all know.

    Creating a blog is easy enough to do but to make with your blog is quite another thing.

    I still have a long way to go.

    How do you go approaching advertisers??
    Better yet where do you find them?? LOL

    What is the magic number for unique visits and readers before you even think about approaching it??

    I don’t even know what catagory my blog would fall under. Any suggestions?

    Makes it even harder to decide which people to approach.

    Sorry for the questions Noob

  4. Beau71

    If some way I was able to make thousands of dollars on my blog, you better believe that I wouldn’t be covering my face in the picture…..I would want to whole world to see the smile on my face. Now back to reality, I have made $50 in about 2 and a half months. Guess I need to keep my day job.

  5. Recruitment Nick

    Good to see customer service gets a mention, easily the most important part of any small business and should be the same in the world of blogging, making money or otherwise.

    Interested to see you don’t say using top content as an important factor, do you believe less in the importance of content?

  6. netta

    Content is what gets your readers coming back for more. If you suck, you’re not going to get regular readers, just people who drop and run.

    Great tips, especially on the advertising. Use all the free you can get, when starting out. Persistence is the key.

    Great post, thanks.

  7. Canadian Finance Guy

    Thanks for the tips. I am new in the blogging world and am slowly building that reader base.

    I like free advertising like Entrecard. I have noticed a significant increase readers since starting on the program.

  8. the noob Post author

    van- yup. that’s why i stopped writing. 😉

    desmond- thanks for the vote of confidence. hope it doesn’t get too big tho. 😉

    jumble blogger- thanks jumble.

    j- i think that anything labled “luxury” is all about branding. the construction cost for a luxury condo isn’t that much greater then low income dwellings. just gotta market to a richer crowd. 😉

    goofblogger- thanks goof! i noticed that you spent a few dollars advertising on entrecard’s site. how did that turn out? i think it’s probably better to buy entrecard credits and buy ads on popular entrecard blogs. what do you think? yeah, in the beginning, bloggers have trouble getting replies via email. just stick with it and you’ll make some nice pocket money. 😉

    wendy- no worries about the questions. i think the issue with you blog is that you don’t know where your blog fits in. i think if you focused more on what niche you want to move your blog’s direction, it’ll help out alot. as far as finding advertisers. hit up the web forums first. after you get a few buyers, then u start hitting up people directly. your blog has to me semi established before that tho. i would say that the have some sort of PR and a lot of backlinks helps in selling. if you’re aggressive tho, you can find advertisers without PR. that’s what i did when i first started this blog. if you have more then one blog, u can group them together and sell bulk links packages. that works out better in some cases.

    steve- thanks steve. 😉

    beau71- really? even if i was making 10k a month with my blog, i wouldn’t past my picture up on my blog. i don’t want to be known as a johnchow or shoemoney type. in my opinion, being a pro MMO blogger isn’t something i want to be famous for. at least not my real face. 😉 it could hurt my real estate development business. 😉

    recruitment nick- yeah. small banks. small coffee shops. im a customer of these boutique shops cause of the customer service. it ain’t the cheaper price. 😉 i think great content is a great long term strategy. it could even be argued that it’s a necessity for longevity. but, it’s very overrated for newbie blogs. i just wrote a post about it above. 😉

    netta- hmm. i have to play the devils advocate and disagree with you there. i think content is important, but marketing is more important as far as monetization. especially in the early stages. there are a lot of sucky bloggers who have popular blogs. my content is mediocre at best but bloggernoob is growing in popularity. 😉

    canadian finance guy- yeah entrecard is a good way to get free or cheap advertising. you get a lot of junk traffic, but junk traffic is better then no traffic. it helps with branding too to have your 125×125 flashed on a lot of random sites. btw, i love canada. im seriously thinking about buying a condo in vancouver. i love it there. 😉

  9. ChiQ Montes

    great post noob! I wanted to focus on advertising using entrecard.. however, i just really want to buy credits 20,000+ but can’t seem to find a seller who will give me a good deal. blaaaaah.. im running out of options. i don’t have time to be dropping 300 cards daily. time is money.

  10. the noob Post author

    chiq- u can buy 1k credits for around 3 bucks on ebay. yeah buying in bulk like that is kinda hard. i have a few entrecard bloggers who sell me cheap. 😉

  11. Wendy

    i think if you focused more on what niche you want to move your blog’s direction

    That’s just it I haven’t a clue. I do know I want to make money. Not sure if that is step in the right direction or not.

    Guess it is more of a personal blog at the moment without a specific catagory.

    Oh gosh I confused myself. LOL

  12. the noob Post author

    wendy- don’t lost hope. i think it’s easier to make money online with a non “make money online” type blog. i’ve been lucky with bloggernoob, but i also know that this MMO niche is a tough one. for noobies, i don’t recommend it at all. Wendy, since your blog is kind of a personal diary blog, i would recommend you grow on that. write about your life and your thoughts. try to get readers and traffic from your peers. people in your age group, people who live in your city, people who like the same food as you etc. 😉

  13. SolReka

    Superb post. Newbies, and also more experienced bloggers should take notes from some of the above points.

    More often than not, people either post crap on their blog then hope for the best, or they write lengthy diatribes and then network to their hearts content to little or no avail (I fall into the latter) :-(

    I guess baby steps are the key to building a quality blog, and to also learn from one’s mistakes. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    PS Is highlighting text in a post (something I now do, thanks to reading your blog). Anyways does it make much impact on SEO, ranking etc, or is it used predominantly to catch the resaders eye?

    Cheers bud

    Always a pleasure, never a chore chatting to you.

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  15. the noob Post author

    solreka- thanks. yeah im a big believer in baby steps. i think it helps a bit for seo, and makes it easier on the eyes for the readers. (bold text)

  16. SolReka

    Bullet points and H3, H4 headers also dramatically help the layout of ones post. I guess it’s all about making the post a joy to read.

    Monotonous diatribes certainly do very little for me, I generally just scan read such posts and absorb far less data than a post with good layout.

    Cheers noob
    PS I’ve just installed performancingads in my sidebar. What do you reckon? Have you used this aff before?

  17. the noob Post author

    solreka- just started with them last month. i priced my adspace really low and got a buyer right away. we will see if it’s a good affiliate in the next month, when i up the price. 😉 don’t worry, i’m still working on my report for you site. 😉 been buzy with some backup work on my other websites.

  18. SolReka

    noob you’re a superstar. I’m really looking forward to receiving my school report :-)

    PS I too set price low – $2.50. I might finally have a breakthrough with regards to revenue :-)

    PPS What other websites do you own, I’d love to have a mooch

    Take care

  19. the noob Post author

    solreka- sorry but i like to keep my sites private. maybe when bloggernoob grows bigger, i might start driving traffic from this blog to my other sites. 😉 good luck with permormancingads.

  20. Mario

    Listed examples of how to earn money on the Internet are a good way to start. However making some money from time to time is one thing but creating an income on a regular basis is a very different thing. The latter involves hard work and persistence. Very often I see people read all kinds of things about Internet and money but never actually put in action all the suggestions so I’d like to call upon people to take information about making money seriously and to act upon it.
    Be serious about making money on the Internet and you’ll make it

    Congratulations on ranking high in google.

  21. the noob Post author

    mario- i agree. making money online takes a lot of work. blogs or programs that offer hard to believe riches are scams. thanks, i gotta keep working at upping my google rankings. 😉

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