Bet against me. You could win $100

10.jpgMy next contest will be a little different from my last one. For starters, the prize could be $100 cash. And it won’t involve RSS subscriptions. There are some conditions though. It’s actually going to be a challenge i set for myself. I want to get my Alex rank down to 5 figures. I will give myself until 2 weeks to complete this task. So i will choose the winner on January 11th 2008. If i meet my goal of reaching 5 figures on alexa, i’ll still pay out but not $100. I’ll pay $20. If i don’t reach my goal, i’ll pay out $100 to one lucky reader of this make money blog. I guess i’m giving 5 to 1 odds.

20.jpgI don’t know how frequently alexa updates so i am taking a risk. If they haven’t updated by my goal date, i’ll be forced to pay out the $100. Ohhh…the suspence right? I’ll be taking the updated 3 month average for this contest. Right now i am at 128,215k. Need to get it to 99,999k or lower in 2 weeks.

How do you enter? EASY

1. Write a short post about this contest with a link to this make money blog’s contest post.
2. Take a position. If you think i can reach my goal, write so. You’ll be included in the $20 prize catagory.
3. If you think i won’t reach my goal. Write that in your post. You’ll be included in the $100 prize catagory.
4. Leave me a comment with the link to your post.

I repeat. Write about this contest and link to this post and you are entered. If you think i’ll reach my goal, you could win $20. If you think i won’t reach my goal, you could win $100. Leave a comment with your link. That is all.

I think this contest won’t attract many contestants cause people are lazy and don’t want to write. It’ll probably only get around 20 people, so you have a pretty good chance of winning.

Simple right? Good luck and happy blogging. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to my RSS feed. I’ll be holding more contest so this will keep you informed.

34 thoughts on “Bet against me. You could win $100

  1. Chica

    Good luck Noob! If you don’t make it don’t beat yourself up about it. I don’t have the time in the day to enter this contest this week, or else I would have jumped on it. :)

  2. mee mOe

    I think you can do it, its a great challenge, and if you put your mind to it, you can win the spot in Alexa. Good luck and wait for my post. 😉

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  8. the noob Post author

    So far only 5 people have entered this thing. Make sure you leave a link to the post where you wrote about this contest. If your link isn’t on there. you are not entered cause i have no way of knowing if you wrote about it. Good luck guys.

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  11. Allen

    Hi, I’m from Silkenhut’s World. I apologize for the wrong trackback link. Btw, I bet that you will reach your goal by January 11, 2008. ^_^


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