Better then link trade, Sponsor trade

adtrade.jpgslimshady. A great way to increase your blog’s income is by spending money. Put up an ad on somebody else’s blog.

“Why would i want to do that?” “I don’t have the money to do that.” you say. Well you can’t do this by yourself. You need a team of bloggers to do it with. Co-conspirators. By buying a sponsor ad and selling your own sponsor ad, you get an ad on someone’s blog without spending any cash. You instantly have a revenue stream and importantly, you have advertisers on your blog. This will come in handy when selling your site later. When you sell your site, the buyer wants two things. Traffic details and proof of income. By having four or five sponsor trades (at $25 dollars per ad) you now have a blog that makes $125 a month. You can prove it. Show them the paypal transaction. You pay your friend and he pays you right back.

Is this wrong? Cheating? Hmm how can it be proven that you cheated?

These tactics are used by big time bloggers. If they don’t do it now, they did it it the past.

reviewme.jpgYou can take this concept and stretch it out to other forms of revenue. Take review me. You can request a review of your site from a friend’s site. Then he does the same thing with your site. The point is to make it less obvious that you are trading. It has to be revenue right.

Text-link-ads, reviewme, and sponsor ads can all be had for zero dollars. You get free advertisment and a solid revenue stream. Cost zero. Why would anyone bother with link trades?

I can share this with you because nobody reads my blog. If you stumbled onto this secret info. don’t share it. Im done, The noob has left the building.

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