Beware of certain advertisers

advertisers.jpgI recently got rejected for payment on one of my payperpost posts. It was for $5 and i had to write a lengthy post. Usually i don’t take such a low posting gig but that day i decided to take that opp. Today, i just found out that the post was rejected for payment.

Usually on ppp, if there was something wrong or missing with the post, i get to resubmit and receive payment after i correct the mistake. But this advertiser prevented such a thing cause obviously he is kind of a scammer. It’s only 5 bucks, but i’m not complaining about the money, it’s a matter of principle. If people like this take over such posting sites, it could run out of business. I’ve reported the incident to ppp support and i hope they address this issue. I’ve sent a lot of referrals to ppp and i hope that they try to grow the site with honest paying advertisers. I should have known…the ad had a rating of 1. Meaning that other posties had problems.

At least i learned a lesson today. Don’t take offers where the rating is low. I will let you guys know how my request with ppp is handled once i receive word from support. I still highly recommend payperpost because it really is a great way for noob bloggers start making money online. It’s easier to join now cause they changed the TOS. Blog don’t have to be 90 days old to begin with payperpost. You blog just needs to be 30 days old. So if you were waiting to join payperpost, wait no longer.

8 thoughts on “Beware of certain advertisers

  1. Chica

    I heart payperpost I really do, but lately hardly any opportunities anymore, and if there are any, they are already filled up, or video posts that I can’t do. So it sucks. That’s the reason I haven’t been able to do hardly any for the past couple months, I’m always to late.

    I once got rejected for having an in post disclosure, so I removed it, but apparently I wrote something in it’s place that was wrong, so finally, I slammed a disclosure in my footer, and wham, it finally accepted me. I wish there was another smaller easier to use site with the benefits of PPP, I’d sign up for it.

  2. Jackie

    OMG thank you for that bit of information. I am sorry about the issue you had :( I think everything will work out.

    But thank you so much for the second part! I was waiting until March 8th to resubmit my Blog for PPP (I am not sure who I signed up under?) but now I can resubmit, THANK YOU!

  3. nhea

    PPP is a great way to earn more bucks. Yes! but, how come I can’t seem to have opportunities that is available for me? Actually, this is sort of my problem. Help!!!

  4. Hugo Santos

    i love ppp, but to get great offers you need to pay great attention.
    u usually don’t look at the ratings.
    And i usually don’t do a 300 review for 5bucks…

  5. the noob Post author

    chica- i like payperpost too. true, not as any opps, i think it’s a timing thing, sometimes you can get lucky with some high paying posting gigs. i’ve have a few where i changed it up a bit and i received payment, but this one advertiser was being a pain. hopefully they will remedy this situation. why don’t you do the video ones. it’s not that hard to do, and they usually pay higher.

    jackie- no problem, you can join now if you wish. happy blogging for dollars :)

    nhea- it’s a matter of timing. and your blog rank, i guess bloggernoob has a pretty good rank, work on your traffic and keep blogging and you’ll get more offers, and you’ll get higher paying offers as well.

    hugo- true true, gotta keep checking if you want to get the big offers. i’ve consistently got 50 dollars ones that past two weeks. so that was pretty cool. yeah i won’t be doing those low paying ones anymore.

  6. the noob Post author

    katy- i like them. only problem is that they don’t have opportunities. i’ve only done a few with them. they pay fast and it’s good to be signed up with a lot of those sites. i hardly check them anymore cause they don’t send me any offers. but i have been paid by them

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