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auction.jpgI’ve opened up my advertise page on this blog. I have a few spots available for the month of March so i wanted to try something out. I was thinking that i should auction off my ad space. In this post, i will auction off my Review ad. I will Review you blog on my next post. I will leave that review on the top spot of my blog for 12 hours. It will be a 400 review of your site design, monetization, with suggestions to improve traffic. If you are interested in a paid review, leave me a bid in the comments section below. Since i want to make it fun and easy, i will start the bidding at 1 dollar. I usually do paid posting or reviews for $25 min, so maybe a few of you might be interested in this promotion. Happy bidding!

14 thoughts on “Bid for an Ad spot on BloggerNoob

  1. Chica

    Ha I did a review for you for free, so you should return the favor! Haha I kid, I kid.

    Sounds like a neat idea, I’m going to watch the bidding. :)

  2. kmcgra

    It would be interesting if you got an account on Project Wonderful, and devoted an ad space that allows bidder from PW to bid. I have always wondered how a site like John Chow or the Noob would do on PW. A buck a day will nab you $30 a month on PW, and I think a buck or two a day may be reasonable here.

  3. the noob Post author

    luke- thanks for starting the bidding off. :)

    she’samanbaby- thanks for the bid

    killian- hey, thanks for the bid

    andreas- thanks for the bid/bids andreas

    chica- :)

    blogentrepreneur- if i’m not mistaken, 2 chickens, a brown egg, a blue button, and a piece of gum, is worth at least 50 dollars. i’m value one chicken with KFC pricing, and last time i checked, a whole chicken is at least 25 dollars. So you’re bidding 50 bucks? 😉

    kmcgra- hmm. good point. i might look into PW, just haven’t had time to look it over carefully. thanks for the input. if i do it, i’ll leave a review of the experiment since you’re curious. :)

    jackie- thanks for the bid jackie. so far, your bid stand…going once….

    i’ll close this offer in a few hours.

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