Big time investors for great domain names

alessandra ambrosio makes money onlineI usually don’t like to co mingle my various business interests. I’m the type of guy that likes to compartmentalize my investments. I like keeping separate books of all of my investments. So when it comes to real estate, i have a bank account and a group of lenders who help me deal with those investments. I’ve recently been getting into the buying and selling of domain names. I haven’t purchases anything big yet, but i’ve talked with a few of my friends about possibly purchases a premium domain name. I don’t want to risk too much money by going in all by myself. I really believe that investing in premium domain names is a good way to make money online. The ROI (return on investment) is better then a lot of the tech stocks. It’s a lot better then real estate and i want to get in on all that action.

If you want to see what i’m talking about, you should visit domain auction sites. If you haven’t already checked out the prices of domain, you will be amazed. Web Domains are big business. Look at the almost billionaires like Kevin Ham. Visit sites like and You’ll see what i’m talking about. Right now, three super domains are for sale. If you have a lot of money, maybe you should pick one up.,, and are for sale. I wonder how much they will fetch.

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  1. Jared Stenzel

    Also read about these programs they have to snap up the domain names of their choice upon expiration and becoming available again. I read this huge 4 page yahoo article about it a few months ago, trust me, it’s not easy.

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