Blend in your ads

gayflag.jpgEver click over to a blog and find the gay pride flag? Rainbow of different ads posted every which way. Its ugly and very unprofessional. It’s just bad business. It tells the visitor that you are lazy. You should only do this if you have a gay pride website or something. Then it matches with your site’s design. Most ads feature an edit area. Go in there and edit the border and text color to match your theme. BloggerNoob dot com is Red so i try to make sure all of my ads are red. The options not available for every ad but make sure the ads that you can edit are edited.

5 thoughts on “Blend in your ads

  1. Greg

    I couldn’t agree more. Ads are just offputting if they wind up being too overpowering. I come to a blog for the content. If all I can see is ads, I leave instantly.

    A question for you Noob: are you blogging full time? Good luck with your challenge!

  2. bloggernoob

    Greg- no i don’t blog full time. i run several offline businesses.

    teejay- if you are going to put google adsense, you should make it blend with your theme. but i personally don’t like google adsense. better to put aff links or other forms of ads on your valuable space. depends on the site tho. it won’t work on make money sites. but if your site is about another topic, adsense is worth trying out i guess.

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