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odetteyustman.jpgIt’s no secret that i run multiple blogs. BloggerNoob dot com is my main blog, but i also make money with my other blogs. I don’t update as often on my other blogs, but i still manage to pull in traffic, and light income. I wanted to start a new blogging project. I wanted to start a new blog every day for 30 days. Want to join me?

I got my second wind, because i received google pagerank on a lot of my blogs. I don’t update often, and i haven’t even worked the search engines on those blogs. I didn’t build links, but somehow i got PR. Go figure.

With PR, i’ve manage to double the income on those blogs. It got me thinking. What if, i set up a new blog every day. If I write a few posts and set up some traffic to those new blogs, i might get PR on those suckers as well. With PR, i could either sell the blog, or milk that blog with paid plugs. Either way, it’s something promising. The only hinderince, is the fact that blogs are time consuming.

I started bloggernoob by spending a lot of time tweaking this blog. But after a certain point, i fell into a routine. I no longer spend that much time on this blog. It probably averages to about 45 mins a day. That’s not a lot of time considering that this is my main blog. My other blogs only get an hour a week. So, with that same mentality, i wanted to spend an additional hour a day setting up a new blog.

I think the multiple blog theory is valid. Bloggernoob dot com consistently makes over 30 dollars a day. Even if this income level stays static, it’s a lot of money for a blog. If i had 4 blogs like bloggernoob, i’d be making $120/day. That’s pretty good considering the time spent is only 4 hours a day.

With this blog a day project, i don’t expect to grow bloggernoob type blogs. I’m being realistic. I think the new blogs will not make much, but hopefully i can squeeze around 20 dollars a month with those blogs. And if i’m lucky, after a few months, those blogs could make 40 dollars a month. The money required will be around 9 dollars for the new domains. Hosting will remain the same, cause it’ll be on one of my shared servers. I won’t spend money on marketing or contests. Everything else will be free.

If you think this is a good idea, why don’t you join me in this project. Better yet, why not share this project with your readers. Noob out!

15 thoughts on “Blog a day project

  1. Tim Christie

    Thats a lot of new content to come up with noob. 30 additional blogs, making a post every few days as well as SEO, link building , advertising management and the like.

    I cant wait to see how it goes. I would love to join in the ‘fun’ but I have my work cut out managing 7 blogs as it is. Keep us posted

  2. witchypoo

    Here’s something: Just add a homepage link to your navbar. Those of us who see 7 posts in our readers would like to be able to see the whole homepage and click on selected posts instead of going back to the reader and clicking over, or adjusting the URL in our address bar. I know it’s off topic, but it’s been bugging me.

  3. Chelle

    I have been thinking of this, too, but I start to worry if my main blogs will lose a little of their quality since as the first commenter said that is a heck of a lot of content to come up with!

    I have 3 blogs right now – each is a “niche” blog – one on humor/stupidity, one on love, and my week old project on marketing for real estate agents. I have about 10 more blogging ideas but i just worry that I couldn’t deliver quality and timely content by taking on too much at once!

  4. Matt

    Hey noob,

    I must say I’m pretty interested in what you’re saying. Is there any chance you could share some more info about how you earn $30 a day on this site? And yes, I’m very keen to start a second blog, but what about… more thinking required I think.

  5. Jared Stenzel

    My free wordpress blog just got a big boost with the update. I went from a PR of 0 to a PR 5. If only the noob knew some way to monetize pagerank with wordpress rules…

  6. Normal Joe

    hmmmm, I hear ya noob, I have a few, but a new one each day? hahaha, that would be a lot of fun, I plan to have quite a few, but don’t know if I’m ready for the 1/day thing yet….but you got my support all the way!

    have fun and keep me posted


  7. Forest Parks

    I think maybe you should do a blog every two days….. 30 new blogs is a lot to handle.

    Garry Conn and John Cow have entered into a competition to see who can make the best niche blog in 30 days….. kind of similar but they are going to be competing solely with one blog.

  8. the noob Post author

    tim christie- 7 blogs? not too shabby there tim. How much are you making with your blogs. and which is your main blog?

    witchypoo- witchypoo, you’ve mentioned this to me on several occassions. And i want to accomodate, but i honestly don’t know what your talking about. My RSS? I already have a link to my homepage on my site. Click the home or make money blog logo in my header.

    chelle- i can understand. but the way i figure it, i don’t think bloggernoob will suffer by me spending a little more time on other blogs. I already manage over 50 sites, it hasn’t hurt bloggernoob yet.

    info- nice nice. only thing tho, why not start it on your own hosting with your own domain. just my humble opinion.

    danandmarsh- yup, but i love banging my head. good for the brain cells. 😉

    matt- 30 dollars a day is a realistic goal for most bloggers. I think i could up it, but i don’t want to spend all of my free time on this blog. So i’m happy with my current earnings. I get most of my income from affiliate sales, paid plugs, and private ads. If you want specific help, feel free to email me at

    dean saliba- that sucks. Im not a google expert, but i think it could have happened cause google appraised your site too high in the last update. I’ve seen a few of my blogs do the same thing. I had PR, and then i quickly lose it. Hang in there, continue to build links slowly, and post often. Be sure that you use the same anchoring text for your links. you can get penalized for such acts.

    jared stenzel- if i had that PR5 blogs, i’d paid post the hell out of it. Do you know how much you can command with such a PR. Do it now and do it quick, before the next update. 😉 i’d also hit up web forums and try to sell links, ads, that way. All you have to say is, PR5. I’m sure you’ll get offers.

    normal joe- doesn’t have to be 1/day, it could be 1/week. 1/month. Just saying that everyone should set up multiple blogs. Monetizing multiple sites is easier then trying to monetize just one site.

    forest parks- haha. yeah, but i have way too many parked domains. I really need to get off my arse and do something with them. I’ll probably sell most of the blogs i set up later at sitepoint. I think garryconn and johncow are doing a pretty cool contest. Should be fun.

  9. ccRicers

    I can probably manage up to 3 “real” blogs. More than that and I will have to resort to writing garbage spammy content which doesn’t thrill me at all.

    What I’ve noticed is that people have tried to monetize their main blog and overlook their many little ones. You use your main blog to make a name for yourself and you use the little blogs to make the bulk of the money.

  10. bloggernoob

    ccricers- you do realize that a lot of bloggers make money by writing garbage spammy content. I know it’s a drag, but it’s something to consider if you want to squeeze out more cash from your blogging ventures. 😉 3 blogs hard enough, i think 30 is overkill, but still i want to try. And my point is not to update regularly. I just want to set them up so that they might receive pr later. Then i can either cash in with a lot of link sales, or paid plugs. Or i can just sell the blog on sitepoint. I’d be out of my mind to start a bloggernoob type blog everyday for a month. That’s would take too much time. That’s just madness. 😉

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