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brad pitt in fight club makes money onlineI just got an email from payperpost about bloggernoob dot com. It said “Blog Assessment: Not Approved“. Payperpost has been doing some clean up in their system. I think that they are trying to kick out a lot of blogs that helped them get to where they are. A few months ago, they changed their TOS to allow more blogs to enter their system. Now that they reached a certain milestone, they are kicking out the blogs that helped them become so popular. I am not sure how they are assessing these blogs, but it seems like they don’t like blogs that have paid posting on them. Go figure. A paid posting, or link selling site, is kicking out blogs that do paid posting. I mentioned that its a catch 22 with paid posting. It isn’t a stable way to make a few bucks online with you blog. Now that bloggernoob is out of PPP’s system, i guess i will have to find other ways to add income to this blog. No worries. Bloggernoob dot com will still make money online. If you haven’t receive the not approved email yet, it looks like this.

“As you know, we work really hard to make sure the blogs in our network are of the highest quality. So, you may have heard that we’re enforcing stricter controls for blogs submitted to the PayPerPost network.

Unfortunately, your blog (‘bloggernoob’) does not meet our standards for overall quality and will no longer be able to be used for accepting marketplace opportunities. Payments currently pending will still be made to your supplied PayPal address.”

24 thoughts on “Blog Assessment: Not Approved

  1. earthlingorgeous

    That was crazy, removing blogs with paid blogging while they are a paid to blog site too, what is up with that. Seems they not like competitions and if you blog for them they want you to be exclusive to them. Thanks for the heads-up

  2. marlyms

    uh oh! looks like i have to wait an email from them one of these days. i don’t know why they’re doing this. we do our best to post quality entries here.

  3. desperateblogger

    i got kicked out too! i respectfully asked them their criteria for i was still seeing a lot of blogs under them whose posts are “no good”.

    support said my blog is a money-making blog what with all my adsense and entrecard and paid blogging widgets.(duh?) support also said i have more paid posts than non-paid posts.(huh?)

    support said that if i take away all my sponsored posts, my blog amounts to nothing as i have no theme. (duh?huh?)what theme? my blog is all about parenting, motherhood, lifestyle, rants, raves and what have you. my theme is everything under the sun!

    i guess you’re right in saying they’re doing away with blogs that do paid blogging and displays a lot of adsense. they rather have bloggers that don’t make sense with their posts.

  4. Beau71

    I think that removing blogs with paid posts is a little overkill. Although I don’t participate in this service, I wouldn’t be to happy knowing that I spent time and effort to make a highly visible blog and then get docked for trying to make a buck or two.

  5. zawadi

    PPP never approved any blogs from me. No worries,because their are so many new businesses like it popping up online.

    I will try to submit a blog later this year with them after I have made a ton of posts and no paid links.

    I still think PPP are punks:)

  6. Sherry

    I am thinking is that maybe they are having too many blogs on hand. So the best way to reduce them is just taking some off their charts. I could be wrong.


    Remember that old saying?
    Lay down with dogs wake up with Fleas.
    I hate that company and social spark and tons of other parisitic companies.All the owners think they are hot sh8t.And they know they are killing your page rank but like what is happening now all across America they don’t care. These ad companies are worthless and won’t be around long believe that.

  8. Donkeyblogger

    Oooh, a picture for the ladies for a change :-)

    Listen, Noob, it might sound like a cliche, but you are better off without them. ‘Uck ‘um, I say.

    By the way, did they tell you the so-called ‘standards’ you happened to not have met, or did they get all mysterious on your ass like Google Adsense tend to do?

    Be happy, man – they did you a favour.

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  10. Pu Niao

    Well, they take ages to approve my blog but was so prompt in rejecting mine straight away when they did a clean up. When I reserved 2 opps, I have up to 12 hours to complete it, and the next thing I knew when I logged on again, my reserved opp disappeared. I tried emailing them nicely and they never got back to me. And the weirdest part? Certain opps states that you do not need to put a “Sponsored Post” button on your blog post, but when you’re done with the post and submit it, they suddenly claimed you need to put sme form of ‘Sponsored Blog Post” link even when the opp says no. Maybe we should set up bogus blogs and email addresses and try to bomb their system (by submitting these bogus blogs) until they “overworked” their system. That’ll teach PPP a lesson in offending bloggers who help them climb the steps to being the No. 1 site for paid blog posting. Yeah, I’ll toast to that.

  11. Cash and Chat

    I have been waiting to see what happens with my blogs. They are being very picky about blogs right now, really I think they should have not let in all the blogs they did, then they wouldn’t have this issue. If they had kept with the 90 day thing, they wouldn’t have had to do this.

  12. tony dee

    I also got that email. I was actually using a better service than PPP. Yeah I took in over $1800.00 in posts from them but my other services are less restrictive. it looks like they started going on a blog killing festival right after the “IZEAFest”. Maybe they were told a few things and of course, the little guy gets crushed.

  13. Weezy333

    I got the same email. The funny thing is that I never even wrote a post for them. My blog never qualified for any posts so I just gave up on them. Now I don’t even care if they dropped me. I say good riddance. I make more with the other blogging companies out there any way.

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  15. Unbalanced Libra

    Seriously, you can’t understand WHY? I mean, come on, yes, your blog is a money making blog so you may think it’s stupid for a paid blogging company to boot a money making blog, but think about it from an advertisers point of view.

    If you wanted to spread the word about your product/service/website, would you want that information to be surrounded by all kinds of other ads or to be placed on a site that is nothing but advertisements and money making schemes? Probably not.

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