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tournament.jpgI want to start a blog tournament. If this goes well, i think i will make it a regular thing. I want to start with something simple. Building up a blog requires a lot of work and creativity. The first thing you should set up is your brand name. For bloggers, branding is done by setting up a killer site design or registering a super domain name. The blog logo or header images is also very very important. For this first tournament, i want to focus on the domain name. Before i started this blog, i thought about the domain for a few days. I originally wanted to go with BloggerNewb dot com, but since it wasn’t available, i had to go with Looking back, i’m glad bloggernewb wasn’t available. I like the double O’s.

The Tournament Prize

I will add a dollar for every blog that is entered in the tournament. If there are a only 20 blogs, the prize will be 20 bucks. If a hundred people enter, the prize will be $100. I will start this tournament as soon as i get 2 entrants. Pairs of domain names will square off against each other. The winner will advance to the next round and etc until we are left with one kick ass domain name. That blogger will take the prize! If you are interested, please leave me a comment with your domain name.

NOTE- You can only enter one domain name. The winner has to prove that he or she owns the domain by putting a link to my blog when the tournament is over. Since this is a tournament, either 32, 64, or 128 people need to enter. i’m guessing this tourney will get either 32 or 64 entrants. If you are the 65th entrant, and i close the tourney, you will be entered for my next tourney. Good luck all. Just to be on the safe side. Let’s cap the prize at $128. Let the Domains Begin!

Voting example below


47 thoughts on “Blog domain name tournament!

  1. Jay

    Interesting… I have a few sites… but I guess you can choose between and… even though I like, but we recently took it down for extended maintenance so it won’t be up to prove I own it.


  2. the noob Post author

    chica- thanks chica. if you were on wordpress and had your own domain you could enter too. 😉

    rookie- you are entered rookie

    jay- jay, don’t make it hard on me. you pick one. by default i’ll go with the first domain. datmoney. but it’s probably best if you pick. :)

    sinporium- you are entered. i used to work at disneyland. and i worked on main street. at the sinporium. true story.

    mahdiyusuf- entered. king kong ain’t got nuttin on me. anyone anyone?

    tony hogan- you are entered with guitar guy at the party.

  3. the noob Post author

    mrpolite- ok it is.

    app2us- you are entered with

    shearyadi- it’s cool enough. :)

    chris- is entered.

    blackpixie- you serious? ok is entered. if this is a joke pixie, shame on you for cheapening my make money blog with fart jokes.

  4. Tommy

    Kewl idea Noob, although the winner has already smelled up the joint!! LOL

    Not sure which one to use but I guess I’ll go with the main one.


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    The idea of this contenst is pretty good even if I think there is no such thing like “the best domain”. It all depends on everyone’s good or bad “taste”.

    I’ll enter my new blog in this competition


  7. the noob Post author

    ok. i’m ready to start this tourney. I’m impressed at the turn out. i could wait a few more days to fill up 64, but i honestly don’t have the patience. i’ll do more so maybe the next one will have a fatter prize pot. But 32 bucks is good right? Anyway, let the tourney begin! good luck all!

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