Blog posting and sex

noob.jpgThe more i think about it, the more i see similarities between blogging and sex. When i was a teenager, all i wanted to do was knock on some boots. I was like joey from “blossom.” My second year of highschool, i met my destiny. I had a summer romance with a girl i met at Knots Berry Farm. It was fantastic. We would take turns driving to each others’ houses to mess around. I remember them days.

After i partook of the forbidden fruit of sexual desire, i became consumed. I wanted it all the time. I couldn’t get enough of it. I must have thought about that ever 15 mins. I kid you not.

When you first start blogging, you get addicted fast. In the beginning, when you have no visitors, you check your blog stats every hours to see if anyone visited. Then you get a few hits a day, and those hits are like heaven. Finally made a hit. Got to first base. After a day or two, someone leaves a comment. That’s like second base in blogging lingo. You start reading up on growing your blog. You learn tricks and you implement them. You join free traffic sources and trade some links in web forums. Then you’re ready for your first triple. You receive a mention on someone elses blog without paying for it. That’s one of the hardest things to do in blogging….getting someone to link to your blog without bribing them.

More time passes and you blog is starting to get some regular visits and comments. You see your alexa rank improving. You have your fingers crossed for google PR. Then before you know it, you make your first buck online. Home Run Baby! I don’t care if that amount is 50 cents. You still made it by blogging. Congrats!

After you start making money from your blog, you becoming a blog head. Blog heads are like crack heads. All you want to do is check on your blog. Most of the time you don’t even do anything. You just keep checking your site to see if anyone left a comment. You check google analytics even tho you did that 5 mins ago. Even tho you know that google updates every few hours. You think of cool ideas for your next post. All of this is great, but remember my post title? What happens to your sex life when you’re in a commited monogamous relationship? Yup, you see less passion and excitment. You have sex less often. Same with blogging. Something that you loved so much becomes a chore. It gets mundane and your passion for it slowly fades. You’re making more money, and getting more visitors, but you just don’t have the energy that you used to have. What’s a blogger to do?

I don’t know. I wish i could share in my knowledge, but i’m lost in this department. I’m writing this post just for the sake of writing a post. I’m forcing myself to type away and blabber cause i just did a paid post below. I’m such a sell out. But since i sold out, i will reward one of guys if you get suggest the best way to keep the blogging/sex life spicy. Leave me a comment with a cool suggestion below and maybe i’ll choose you to win 5 bucks. Noob out.

20 thoughts on “Blog posting and sex

  1. witchypoo

    Maybe you could dress your blog in sexy lingerie, or buy it a wig. Seriously? This is why the blogs that have longevity have the authority. Blog crises are common. I’m having one now. I’m feeling more bitchypoo than witchypoo, and I think I’ll just roll with it.

  2. Lee Doyle

    When you start blogging its hard to get readers. You have low PR, low Alexa and low comments. Once you get a few and are happy you get more and more…. Then you settle down but they keep coming!

    Just like sex and relationships

  3. Haney

    What has this got to do with Hermoine? 😛 Some people thought that we have to update our blogs daily to get more visitors.

    But if you do that, you will end up treating it as a must and eventually it will be chore.

    So keep it relaxed and post something that you are really satisfied with, which could even last for days. I hope it’s the same as sex life 😀

  4. Jay

    LOL! Man, I wouldn’t say you’re a sell out. You’re doing your thang to make money…

    But if you can’t spice up your sex life, er, I mean, blog, then maybe you can divorce, er, I mean, sell it and get a new blog. I’m sure you’ll get some decent money from it…

    Of course, we REALLY don’t wantyou to sell it…


  5. Lisa C

    My suggestion, go back through your archive and read some posts from the very beginning. It will help you to remember the reason you started in the first place. You’ll also remember how you felt back then about your blog before all of the noise, clutter and chaos of everyday blogging.

    Hey, this always helps me in my marriage. After being married for 9 years you have to get creative to keep the steamy sexual fun alive and sometimes that means remembering why I chose him in the first place.

    Btw~ You look good on my blog 😉

  6. Tim

    I’ve finally got over checking my stats every 5 minutes… and I’m glad! Was such a waste of time. Now I can concentrate on other projects that in turn help my blogging content.

    Maybe the answer to making blogging more exciting lies elsewhere than the blog itself. Chronicle some real life adventures, take pictures, and tie them into your blog content. I did a post recently about how I tap trees to collect sap and make maple syrup, and it was pretty fun. And yes, it did make sense (metaphorically) to my blog topic 😛

    Creativity is key!

    Either that… or I believe it’s pronounced “Menage a trois” hahahaha

  7. Forest Parks

    Although I would not suggest it for a relationship it works for blogging.

    Sleep around or rather…. work on many projects, write on many blogs. Guest posts etc etc. If a project gets boring then stop seeing it for a while.

    Great filler post, I’m a sell out too!

  8. Jared Stenzel

    Pretty unique comparing blogging to a sex life. Not trying to win the 5 bucks so I’ll go with a comical suggestion. Invite a guy over and have a threesome 😉 That would definitely spice something up.

  9. Funked

    If you’re getting bored go and work on one of the many domain names you have. I took your advice in your last post about magazines/books. I’ve started working on something totally different from what I blog about now. It’s quite refreshing. It’s also given me lots of things to post about on my normal blog.

    Then again, you could just stick to looking at pictures of harry potter wondering what the fuck to do. Mind you the birds quite nice now she’s got older :)

    Good luck fella don’t give up. :) Practice what you preach mate.

  10. Ben Barden

    Hey noob, I’ve started a section on my site specifically for this kind of dilemma. It’s called “Getting over the hump”. Maybe you’ll like it? Go to my site and click on Blogging Guide, and look for the link on the left-hand side. See if it helps.

  11. Mel Avila Alarilla

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  12. Karl L. Gechlik |

    Blogging is a chore… Never!

    As long as you write about what you like and enjoy it will never become a chore. People like John Chow and The Lam still enjoy their work (yes it is work!). But set goals for yourself. This month I want 100 new feed readers. Or I want to make $500 in affiliate links… Etc.

    Just like Sex kids keep it new and fresh and it will keep you going for a long time to come! (Cum?)

    Warm geeky regards,

    Karl “TheAdmiN” G.

  13. MFH

    Sex for fun is nice at first. Then what’s the purpose. You must have babies. Try getting a twin. I did.

    Blog is fun at first. Then, you think, hell this is a chore looking at the lcd panel day in day out. You have have $$$, results or some kind and encouraging responses. $$$ and friends are the twins. You have to do.

    Now switch of the light (bore) and get to work. Start licking … er blogging

  14. hank

    I’d say take a break – people that like your blog aren’t going to leave if you say you’ll come back and likely be EXCITED when you return. People have burnout in ANY job. Take a break and set a date to come back – you may fall back in love again… :)

  15. menopauseprincess

    Hell if I know Noob. When I lost my page rank that took a lot of the spice out of my blog lust. I don’t even get to sell out because I don’t have page rank… ah hell. I think I’m with Witchypoo!

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