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swapmeet.jpgI see a lot of “purchase ad for x amount” signs on various blogs. I check the other ads and they are all affiliate or referral links. This tells me that they haven’t sold a single ad yet. It also tells me that they would like to sell these private ads. If they lowered the price or focused more on promoting these ads i think they would sell at least a few ad spaces. If you’re trying to promote your blog by buying such ads, keep in mind that all of these prices are not fixed. They are 99.99% negotiable. Just shoot the blogger an email and request an ad. State that you’re a newb blogger and you like their blog. And also state that if the ad sends over a lot of traffic, that you’ll continue the ad campaign. Then ask them if they would give you 50% off for the first month ad. I honestly believe that you’ll can buy the ad at a discount.

The thing about the internet is this. If you paid full price for it, you’re an idiot! There are so many affiliate coupon and deal sites out there. You can do a simple search and find a coupon or deal on a specific item you were looking to purchase. It goes without saying that bloggers can find deals or discount the prices of ads with other bloggers. Maybe johnchow and other A-list bloggers don’t negotiate, but don’t you don’t want to waste money advertising there anyhow.

I plan on openning up my private ad space at the end of this month. I want to collect more data regarding the traffic i sent to the people i gave out free ads too. I want to do this so i won’t overprice my ads. If my ads are only worth 20 bucks, i’ll price it at around $15. I’d rather undercut the price and fill up as opposed to have overpriced ads that generate nothing.

Blog ads are not big time yet. It’s swap meet, not department store. Blog ads are local cable commercials, not superbowl ads. When you’re selling or buying any type of blog ad, keep that in mind. Price is usually negotiable.

5 thoughts on “Blog prices

  1. killian

    that’s true, everything on the internet can be negotiated, it’s all about the talking, I have plans of buying a good amount of ads to my blog, I’m saving up money for it, and well, I’ll beg for discounts everywhere lol
    great post 😀

  2. Jeff -

    Great advice. Just out of curiosity, what do you use for the middle column of your blog under “Make More Money”? Are they all affliate links or are you using any ad services? Thanks!


  3. the noob Post author

    killian- begging is a great marketing strategy if done properly. :) never pay full price.

    jeff- some of them are private ads and some of them are referal links.

  4. Living on Adsense

    I think giving away free ads in order to accurately gauge the value of your ad space is a fantastic idea.

    As soon as I figure out how to add a third column to my layout I will follow suit and use the free ad technique to properly price my ads.

  5. the noob Post author

    livingonadsense- thanks. hopefully i can get some useful info that i can post about. do what i do. cheat. hire someone to do the figuring out part. :) hold a contest for your readers. i’m sure a lot of your readers can make you a third column :)

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