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kirsten dunst review for boobs, i mean noobsBlogging is a give and take game. The ones that make a lot of money online are the ones that take more then they give. (chowster) In the early stages, you will have to give in order to take some cash later. I’m a big fan of free stuff so i offered free review to my readers. I stopped the promotion earlier today because i didn’t want to have backed up reviews on my todo list. Thanks to all who reviewed my blog. Here are some mini reviews i did of other boob bloggers, i mean noob bloggers.

bullshitawards – I love the domain name. The blog is new (2 months) and i can see that there’s a lot of content. That’s a great way to work the search engines. I like the design of the blog and everything seems to mesh well with the whole “bullshit” theme. I can see that the blogger is working the search engines for the keyword that’s also a part of his domain. As far as monetization, seems to be a few 125×125 pixel ads on top of the header and adsense inside the posts. From what i can tell, the blog is funny and catered to non bloggers. If the traffic grows, it should do well with certain affiliate links and adsense. Keep doing what you’re doing! – A blog about grading? A blog about money? Here is another make money online blog by one of my blogger friends. I think the theme could use some work. Maybe flash up the header area. The content is solid but we all know that’s not what makes money online. I think this blogs needs to be marketed a bit more aggressively. I see some uncessary links in the blogroll. Desmond, you don’t need to blogroll me bro. I apprecaite it tho. My rule of thumb is, i don’t blogroll bloggers who don’t link me back. That space could be used for link trades instead. One way links are for noobs!

wahb.bizWork at home blogging. I like the domain name a lot. It’s short and easy to remember. Too bad it wasn’t a dot com extention. But i know that would cost a lot of money. I typed in wahb in google and this site shows up in 5th place. Not bad. I like the simple white background design of the site. It’s clean and well organized. The content is good. I would lose a few widgets tho. The mytopspot widget has nobody on there. If it makes you money, i’d leave it, but obviously it doesn’t. It just looks bad on the site. Make the site seems like it’s not very popular. Marketing is all about creating the illusion. Other then that, i don’t have anything negative to say. Keep up the good work. – a football blog. Not the American variety, the worldwide variety. I like the blog. I can tell that the blogger is a real fan of football. I like the theme too, but it should be customized. The header image of the beautiful bridge landscape doesn’t fly well with a football blog. I would also try to work the search engines by putting keyword links in the posts and writing keyword rich post titles. Since the term “score” is part of the domain, i would work that term first.

extraincomeguideblog – A blog about extra income. Basically it’s another “make money online” blog. Seems to be a lot of these floating around in cyberspace. The blog’s layout is nice. The theme could use a tuneup. Blogger is using a free theme and it shows. Maybe using a different theme or customizing it a bit more. There are a lot of free themes that don’t look so generic. Blogger is doing a good job of placing affiliate links and banners in strategic points on his blog. I personally would get rid of dealdotcom, but to each his own. Content for MMO blogs is not that important. Since we all write the same shit over and over again, it’s all about marketing if we want to make money online.

superficialgallery – Great review of my blog. I really like the no bullshit approach. I was reading it and i agree with most of that review. What a breathe of fresh air. As far as content, i’m not exactly sure what the blog is about. I guess it discusses the superficial nature of our society. I’m all for that. And i probably share a lot of this bloggers views. The blog is written with humor and honesty. As far as making money, the blog has great ranks. I’d use that to my advantage and try to make some extra dollars from the site. Blogger uses adsense. When in doubt, use adsense right? Nope, unless it’s making a few dollars a day with adsense, i’d switch up the monetization method. Nice blog! Keep up the good work and thanks for an honest review.

axioblog – not sure what the blog is about. No header image or tagline to let me know. I’m guessing that it’s about blogging or the internet. The blog is new so there’s always room for improvement. I’d try to brand the blog first. Get either an image or witty tagline that helps define the blog. It’s like when you pitch a new movie. You have to describe it in one sentence. Internet visitors are like movie execs. They will only tolerate a few seconds of their time.

Thanks to all who took the time to review my humble blog. I know that my blog is kinda boring so i really appreciate your reviews. In my reviews, i didn’t want to put anything positive. I believe that positive reviews are usually paid or filled with bullshit. I think it’s best to work on the weakness if you want to progress as a blogger. I hope you liked the mini reviews i wrote up and happy weekend.

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