Blogger Noob’s 50 day anniversary

50.jpgI feel like I’m dating this blog. Feel like a jr high school girl, all excited about the new love. Reporting the 1 month anniversary and now the 50 day anniversary. Just want to keep everyone posted about how this blogging journey is going. When i set out to make this blog, that was something i promised myself. I wanted other newb bloggers to realize the potential of making money online. It’s also fun to see the progress of a new blog, isn’t it? It would take way too much work to post screenshots of everything, so i will only post the images of few key stats.

Traffic stats and rankings for this make money blog.

feed1.jpgRSS Subscribers– 73

alexa3.jpgAlexa– 192,307 for three month average. 48,342 for 1 week average.

Technorati– authority 61, 110 blog reactions 7 people haved bookmarked this make money blog.

makemoneyblog2.jpggoogle- no PR yet, 578 indexed pages. Ranked 30-45 for keyword search “make money blog”

BloggerNoob make money blog income report.

cj.jpgCJ- $568.75

sponsored2.jpgSponsoredreviews– $164.45+ 27 referrals. Let’s say each referral earns me $5. $135+$164.45=$299.45

ppp2.jpgPayperpost– $334.72+28 referrals. $15 per referral. 420+334.72= $754.72

Widgetbucks– $25. Don’t know if i’ll ever get this money. Widgetbucks sucks.

Auctionads– $25. Don’t know if i’ll ever get this money either. Doesn’t work on make money blogs.

Bloggerwave– $10. Not very active and haven’t been paid yet.

Blogsvertise– $5. Not very active but got paid a few days ago.

Smorty– $36+ 5 referrals. I’ll ave $5 per referral. 25+36= $61

Adbrite– $0.30? Haven’t checked yet but since i took down the ad, it’s probably the same. Woohoo 30 pennies.

Freelance posting- $18. I hit up some people on DP for posting gigs. Got 18 dollars worth.

Paid links- $60. I got a random a email from some guy. He wanted to buy text links on 4 of my posts. I will start selling text links and sponsor ads shorty.

Total- $1827.22

BloggerNoob is no johnchow but $1827.22 in 50 days. Not bad for a make money blogging newb.

28 thoughts on “Blogger Noob’s 50 day anniversary

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  2. Life is Colourful

    Be sure, the Payperpost referrals never convert or rarely convert. I don’t know whats the problem with this. But I do have like 20 pages full of referrals. 20×15 = 300×15 = $4500 but not a single $$ converted yet. Either PPP’s reporting sucks or my referrals are not being approved in PPP.

  3. Blogtommy

    Certainly a very good start. I can honestly say I wasn’t close to those #’s my first two months in. When you become the next Chow or Dosh or whatever…will you remember the little people?




  4. ccRicers

    Your 50 days sure went well, so I’m wondering what full year would do for you. Monetizing a blog like yours is no easy feat, even when you consider it’s the easiest topic to make money about.

  5. the noob Post author

    grademoney-thanks money

    nick-I can’t wait till 08. I’m having so much fun with this blog.

    Rubyshooz-Just keep posting. And write honest opinions. Try a lot of different things. Trust no one, find out for yourself.

    Life is colourful- Hmm, i’ll wait and see for the referrals. thanks for the heads up. $4500 is alot of referral dollars. Wait till u get to $5000 and that could be a grand theft claim.

    Tania- happy holidays tania. thanks

    Blackpixie- i’m going to put it all back into this blog and other web ventures.

    Debohobo- thanks debo

    chica-awe? awwww. Thanks chica. Hey…i didn’t know you were a baby mama. Ur avatar looked like you were a High school student. Lookin good girl!

    adriankeys-i think that’s cause most bloggers quit within the first 3 months. The people who continue…will make money. Thanks for ur comments adrian

    joanjoyce- im thinking im seminoob now. but seminoob doesn’t have a nice ring to it. i will be forever known as noob.

    blogtommy-The little people??? haha. i’m always gonna be a little person. Cause i’m asian. i’m just naturally short.

    teejay-thanks teejay. had a blast doing it. cause of people like you. and your kind and encouraging words.

    debbybanning- you keep reading, i’ll keep writing.

    ccricers-If i have to start again. a make money blog would not be the first one i start. but i got lucky.

    tukang- no worries…you’re fashionably late. :)

  6. Julie

    Those are fantastic stats for your first 50 days bloggernoob! I’ve only been at it for about 30 days and have made about $60 so far. Would love to pull in that kind of money from Commission Junction! Keep up the great work :)

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  10. the noob Post author

    matt- thanks, it’s really not hard if you put in a lot of hours. The trick with paid posting is that you gotta know how to write fast. It works out for me cause i’m a natural BSer. 😉 i remember in college, i could whip out a 10 page paper in a few hours. I rarely got As, but i could dish out a B- anytime.

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