BloggerNoob’s mega ultra super duper booyah contest. $10,000

winona_ryder.jpgWelcome to my blog. Are you ready for some free money? Want to enter a no hassle contest? It’s easy to enter and prize pool is over $10,000. Read more if you want the details about BloggerNoob’s mega ultra super duper booyah contest. $10,000 baby!

Sorry to disappoint suckers! I’m not giving out $10,000. Neither are any of these other bloggers. Only like 3 people will win a cash prize. The rest will win convention passes or ebooks or free ads. At least they aren’t entrecard credits. Seems like everybogger is doing a mega contest lately. The “check my bomb ass contest”. The “you don’t want to miss this contest”. The “craziest internet marketers(scammers) contest in the history of all internet scammers, I mean marketers contest”. The “I’m a 13 year old boy contest”. Prizes range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Most people will win an ad on someone’s blog. If you look at the contests, most of the prizes are worthless. It’s reviews priced at $100 dollars. 125×125 ads priced at 50 bucks. Etc. Honestly, these ad prices are ridiculous. I think my ads are a bit over priced but jesus. (Spanish pronounciation- don’t be offended Christians)

Is this good for blogging? Maybe. Are these contests awesome? Not really. If that 7000 dollar prize pool was $7000 in cash, it would be, but it’s not. Its around $500 in cash, and the rest are ads on no name blogs. Or ebooks. Or consultation sessions. (that’s code for chatting on msn or aim for like an hour) If you’re a noob blogger, don’t get too excited at these contests. Enter them if they are easy to enter. But don’t waste your time reviewing them and etc. Spend your time posting something other then a contest instead. The way things are going, if you are not running a mega contest, you might get some quality visits. Cause people are dying to read posts that are non mega contest related. I know I am.

It’s like those penis enlargement pills. They don’t work. I don’t care if you saw the commercial. They don’t work. I took two a day for a whole year. I think my penis got smaller. Don’t believe the hype noobies.

24 thoughts on “BloggerNoob’s mega ultra super duper booyah contest. $10,000

  1. Ben Barden

    Well said noob. That’s a really good point about blogs getting quality visits if they don’t run a contest!

    I remember when I gave away 100 Entrecard credits before the contest fever had got out of control. That was a nice little contest because I only asked people to comment, and lots did. This was at a time when other contests asked you to link back the blog or subscribe. I kept it simple and it paid off.

    I wouldn’t run a contest at the moment – there are far too many of them. I’ll just keep writing good content. Although didn’t you say in a previous post that useful blogs don’t make it big, and you need to flash your cash? 😉

  2. the noob Post author

    ben- nice trouble shooting. yes i did say that you need to flash some cash to get popular. and yes, useful blogs don’t get popular. what’s can i say, im a walking contradiction. :) i guess being unique is about switching gears. It’s about changings things up. If everybody is running a contest, that’s when should avoid throwing a contest. If everybody is writing about agloco. steer clear of agloco. If everybody is saying ebooks are the next big thing. bash on ebooks. gotta do it something. 😉 yin and the yang baby!

  3. Ben Barden

    Heh, I already do that. :) I usually try to write about something before others do, or wait until nobody’s written about it for a while and approach it from a new angle. It seems to work! 😀

  4. Bobzilla

    I like how this topic comes up just as noob puts up ad space on one of the mega competitions 😉

    It is a scam though. I’m more impressed with the sites that run small monthly competitions for small amounts of entrecards/dollar$ just for commenting. Easy to enter and after a while you forget you might win something and actually read and comment without encouragement so its a nice surprise when you do and the blogger already has a few new regular readers by the time the first prizes are given out.

  5. Somebodyunfamous

    Agree and disagree.

    Some of the prizes are very nice, even though many aren’t cold hard cash, and the contest is a great way for the sponsors to get lots of backlinks while supporting a common theme – giving stuff away!

    On the other hand, I spent about 5 hours making a post that I still have to go back and update (one of the supremo contests added prizes during that 5 hours apparently), instead of spending time with my girlfriend, relaxing watching TV, or posting about something unique that might get me more loyal readers and bookmarkers. But maybe I’ll win something nice because of the extra entries and effort…

  6. Forest Parks

    I was thinking of opening a contest blog where I enter all these things and see what I win and then give the prizes back out but then contest fever hit and I’m not sure if I should do it or not!

    Maybe a wasted purchase of a URL!

  7. Jeff -

    I am with you noob! I have made my disgust for lame contests no secret for weeks now. However, I don’t think bloggers would keep doing them if people didn’t keep signing up!

    Like it or not, contests have become quite popular. But I would rather give stuff away for free than make people do stuff that helps only me. For example, if you do run a contest, see my latest post for a tool that helps you pick your winner. (I didn’t intend for this comment to be shameless self promotion – sorry!)

  8. Jason

    Ouch :)

    They bring in traffic and exposure, and cost little/nothing to run… if you’re a blog owner, can’t complain much. 😉

  9. Tommy

    I think you’ve talked about the relative utility (or lack thereof) of such contests before, other than to boost some kind of meaningless stat. You may acquire an additional reader or two but for the most part these things attract the bottom feeders looking for that kibble of gold dust somehow missed by the other bazillion bottom feeders….pretty useless and frankly I’m tired of em…They’re all a variation at best on a very tired ritual…..Que sara….T

  10. the noob Post author

    ben- yeah, timing is everything. blogs about blogging or make money blogs can’t really come up with new content. everything has been covered already. so it’s all the timing of restating what was said before. add in our own personal touch, and you got yourself a readable blog. :)

    crystal- thanks crystal. don’t trust a word i say tho. cause i’m still trying to turn a buck with this blog. :)

    bobzilla- haha. yeah. i sponsored an add on universitykid. his blog is one that i do follow. i agree with you about the smaller monthly or weekly contests. seems more real. and probably easier to win.

    somebodyunfamous- what you say is true. i don’t think it’s a bad thing for the blogger who is running the contest. even people who sponsor it. you get your site promoted without spending any money. i think the loser in this scenario are the readers. 5 hours? yikes. i’d rather spend that valuable time doing something useful. like watching internet porn. to working my penis pump.

    forest- u should go with a contest blog. it’s a good blog to have on the side. and you can enter random contests via that blog without compromising your main blog.

    jeff- it’s all good jeff. promote away. contests are a good way to get your blog out there. it’s good for promotion. but be careful not to turn your main blog into a contest blog. i struggle with this on bloggernoob. i hold too many small contests. i gotta cut down.

    debo- is it cash debo? if it’s some free ads, i’ll pass. if it’s entrecards, i’ll pass. but cash…i’m in. and happy bday!

    jason- haha. no blood no foul right jason. don’t worry tho. not a lot of people read my blog. even if they did, it’s good for buzz. negative statements drive more traffic. 😉

  11. the noob Post author

    tommy- “kibble of gold dust” you’ve gone all poetic on me. i think contests are still good for promotion. just annoying that these contests are hard to enter and prizes aren’t good. it’s actually smart to give out sponsored prizes. wish it was all cash, that’s all. and easy to enter. don’t want to enter code or solve a puzzle. don’t want to have to add up points. 8 points for a post with link etc. why can’t i just leave a comment, or something simple like that. if i’m going to fill out a long sign up sheet, i’d rather do it on my own affiliate lead. :)

  12. Jason

    I’ve been suffering from a lack of negative statements in the past few weeks (sadly, I’m not an easy a target as John Chow) so anytime you wanna bash TUK, go wild 😛

    As for the contests… ultimately, yes… a lot of them may be worthless, however that depends on the individual. In mine, the contest sponsors have so far gotten a decent amount of permanent links for their investment, the contest entrants haven’t had to jump through hoops if they didn’t want to and TUK has gotten some nice buzz. The hype.. that’s part of being an internet marketing.

    As for the ad spots being worthless, I’d disagree – some of them, maybe, but do you think a bloggers going to cry if he wins one on for a month? I specifically asked those that posted about the contest to dedicate a paragraph or two to what they’d like to win… quite a few of them said advertising :)

  13. Mike

    Nice ending there :))

    I too noticed this massive contest spam being around lately, especially after the appearance of Entrecard. I don’t blame it on them, of course. But, before that, it was way way harder to sell 125 x 125 ads or even exchange them. Only the big ones managed to use them properly. And now, there are like thousands of new blogs with these new banners on them. So, what happens when they can’t fill up the spaces? They offer them as prices in stupid contests, hoping for some exposure. Not all of these ads are crap, just like 90% of them 😛

    But hey, don’t take hope from the poor people 😛 That’s all they have left

  14. the noob Post author

    jason- thanks for the offering. wish bash on :) you’re getting pretty popular so you’ll become an easy target soon enough. :)

    i actually like your contest. i wish it were easier to enter, but it’s cool how you got all those sponsors. And because i am one of your sponsors, i appreciate the free linkbacks. Seems like after you contest, every tom dick and harry is doing a mega contest. that’s what sucks.

    My ad is valued at $25 bucks. and i think it’s an ok price for larger sites. or for affiliate links. but, for your average no name blogger, it’s a waste of money. and the price won’t justify the clicks. so yes it’s overpriced and if the blogger was smart, shouldn’t be very happy with my ad. :) jason, i appreciate you getting into this discussion. this post is actually a rant, cause i’m jealous of your blogging success. im a big baby.

    mike- haha thanks. nothing like a penis joke to end a make money post. blog ad inflation. too many blogs, and too many people selling ads on worthless blogs. my blog included. :) yeah i shouldn’t take hope away from people. but i can’t lie. i’ve been scammed and lied to, so i want to try to be as honest as possible. of course there’s a limit to that, cause i too am trying to make money with this blog 😉

  15. Link Building Bible

    LOL… I love the sarcasm. Those entrecard credits contests I see everywhere are extremely retarded.

    I hate the whole concept of entrecard. It may bring some traffic in the short term, but all of that time used dropping entrecards everywhere, could be used to build quality backlinks, which may not work extremely fast for you, but it will pay off in the long run.

    Anyways, keep up the sarcastic “making fun of the blogging community” posts.

  16. the noob Post author

    suzanne- *weeping* yes smaller. :(

    linkbuildingbible- i don’t hate entrecard. i like them actually. it bring traffic. i agree the traffic is trash, but it’s still traffic. better then blogrush or spott. they don’t even send traffic. and if they did, it would still be trash. thanks for enjoying my sarcasm. :)

  17. WebDiggin

    Ok. So if cash is gold, then how much cash is enough to get you to bite into the contest?

    I mean some people (like me) can barely get a sponsored post from PayPerPost because our blogs are so low. I’d enter something that took minimal time to do for a chance to win $5. (My current average payout for a sponsored post with PPP)

    But, some people out there are raking in $1000s every month. Why would they bite at $5?

    What would be enough to get you to bite?

  18. the noob Post author

    webdiggin- hmm. depends. if your a blogging friend, i would enter a contest even the prize was something stupid, like an ebook or entrecards. but if it’s a random contest, it would have to be cash of $100 or greater. keep on blogging and your income will go up. i started out doing $5 reviews, now i only do $5 posts when i’m desperate.

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  21. Benjamin

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