Bloggernoob, a year of making money online

olga kurylenko makes money online with bloggernoobSorry about the long delays in my post for the past couple months. I have been really busy with my offline work. Also, i have been spending more and more time developing my other websites and blogs. I can’t believe it but my freaking blog is over a year old. I set up this blog in July but didn’t do a thing until late October of 2007. I have since gone on to make quite a lot of money with this little blog. If i had to start all over again, i don’t think i would start a make money online blog. I would much rather spend my precious time writing about movies and hot babes. At any rate, i was able to turn this ghetto blog into a money maker. I wanted to share with you guy my one year anniversary and the income derived from my blog. Just like a romantic relationship, the passion dies out with time. When i first started, i wrote income updates and anniversaries every chance i got. But now that Bloggernoob is a year old, i do not do those childish things. The passion has died out. But i continue because i make some nice side cash. Not very inspiring but i gets paid! I made a total of $25,237.42 during my year of blogging.

Paid Plugs– This form of monetization will make you lose your PR, but it is the easiest way for a noob to make any money in this biz. You don’t need traffic and you don’t need readers. All you need is some PR on your blog.

payperpostPayperpost– $4402.59 + 169 referrals($15 each) $2535.00 = $6937.59

smortySmorty– $832.74 + 52 referrals($5 each) $260 = $1092.74

sponsoredreviewsSponsoredreviews– $3341.87 + 113 blog referrals($10 each) $1130 + 8 advertiser referrals($25 each) $200 = $4671.87

Blogitive– $10.00

Bloggingads– $20.00

socialsparkSocialspark– $68.49

loudlaunchLoudlaunch– $1443.98

Blogtoprofit– $25.00

Bloggerwave– $120.00

blogsvertise– $35.00

Money4blogs– $35.00

Affiliates– Affiliate marketing is not as easy as most people make it out to be. If you are a noob, you will find it to be pretty hard to get these commissions. It requires a lot of SEO and keyword strategies. You also need to play around with different ad networks and programs. Setting up multiple sites is a must.

Commission Junction– $5,933.77

RevResponse– $550.00

PepperJamNetwork– $75.00

PPC/Signup Bonus/referrals/misc I haven’t freed up enough time to do this but i plan to increase my earning from this soon enough.

Adbrite– $22.38

Widgetbucks– $25.00

Project Wonderful– $14.17

Misc– $229.43

– $25.00

BloggerNoob Ads– If you are new to the game, you might think that getting private ads is easy. I see a whole bunch of noobies trying to sell $5 125×125 ads without any success. The reality is that this type of income is very hard to come by. You will need a lot of traffic and rank well in search engines to get people to pay you directly for ads on your blog.

Private ads– 18 + 60 + 35 + 225 + 40 + 275 + 520 + 365 + 775 + 565 + 615 + 410 = $3903.00

TOTAL- $25,237.42

After a year of blogging, i must confess that this isn’t for everybody. I have set up a lot of blogs for clients and friends. Out of all those people that i helped out, only a few are still updating their blogs. I taught them out to make a few bucks with their blogs, but it just isn’t worth it for them to continue. A lot of you will fall into this category. But, some of you will get hooked and will keep on pressing on. You guys are the ones that have what it takes to make money online. “Never give up! Never surrender!” (Galaxy Quest)

FYI. For some of the paid plugging income, i have included posts from my other blogs as well. Also, a lot of the referral income has not been collected yet. I also made close to $18,000.00 with my collection of other websites and blogs. So add that to the total above and i made over $42,000.00 during my year online. I spent a few thousand dollars on marketing and i invested more then half of my earning into other types of web sites. The moral of the story is that if you keep on trucking, you’ll make some nice cash. Remember to balance your time wisely and if you don’t like to read or write, don’t start a blog about blogging or a make money online blog. There are plenty of other types of websites that can make some nice cash for you.

151 thoughts on “Bloggernoob, a year of making money online

  1. pmd

    I really found your blog helpful. I am just starting out as a blogger and hope to be able to make money (someday!) from it too.

  2. SEO and Blogging Tips

    Wow this is great noob. You have made a lot of money online in one year.

    I have blogs with good PR but I am afraid to use PayPerPost and Smorty. I used these two sites before on one blog and made a lot of money in short time. But my PR dropped to 0 and now it’s stuck. It won’t increase and thus, i don’t get many opportunities.

    Tell me, how did you manage to have a PR 2 even when you do so many paid postings?

  3. the noob Post author

    greg ellison- thanks greg

    pmd- thanks. if you hang in there and keep getting links, there is not reason why you won’t make money online. 😉

  4. the noob Post author

    seo and blogging tips- thanks. i think that my PR has suffered as well. I think that i should be at PR4. This blog has a lot of backlinks. But, i am stuck at PR2 cause i do so many paid postings. If you want to do more paid plugs, u should consider setting up more PR blogs. Do some blog farming.

  5. Zawadi

    wow you are doing really good. It’s weird how people who are making less have like 10 times your traffic, but you make more than they do. Good work. I learn allot from reading your blog also.

  6. juleah

    Damn! Each time I come around to read your new post I leave wishing I should have kicked my ass some months back and followed your money making track.

  7. the noob Post author

    zawadi- it’s not about quantity of traffic, it’s about quality. wait. that’s not it….it’s not about the size of the package, it’s how you use it…wait, that’s not it either. i don’t know how i do it, i just do. just find the tricks and test out a lot of stuff, and you’ll find some dollars. 😉 thanks for reading my blog zawadi.

    roentarre- thanks.

    steve- yeah, paid pluggin has been big for me the past year. i plan to do less of it with bloggernoob, but i will continue on my other blogs. i own over 50 blogs, and a lot of there nonblog sites. it sounds pretty crazy, but it’s actually not that hard to maintain. i am able to run those and run my own offline business as well. 😉

    juleah- never too late juleah

    mike- yup. i think most quick within the first month. i’ve set up a lot of blogs for friends and etc, and most of them abandon their blogs. they just waste the domain name and im sure they won’t renew. and they let the hosting go to waste. damn shame.

    keplenet- it’s not that much money. wish i made more but im glad i started blogging. got me hooked onto web related stuff. Making money online isn’t that hard. just requires a lot of time and a lot of trial and error. the important thing is to make that first dollar. then 100 dollars. then 1000, etc. and you just keep learning and tweaking stuff as you go.

  8. sc

    wow, congrats and well done! i am very proud and jealous!
    if you please, how much it cost for you to host over 50 blogs? what are your monthly hosting expenses? are they all .com? or do you have a lot in say .info?

  9. marly

    Oh Congratulations Bloggernoob! Happy anniversary to your blog. I admire you for having such a skill in blogging. Hope you can share it with me :) Keep up the good work.

  10. Somebodyunfamous

    That is simply astounding! You’ve obviously written a huge number of paid posts, which have actually paid you well (almost $10 per post!), but in addition, you’ve also capitalized on the affiliate market, which I agree, is quite a task for NOOBS! Congratulations!

    I’d like to add that I’m glad you mentioned how much (even though it was an approximation) you “re-invested” out of what you made, because there are so many claims online about how much money people are making, but they never say anything about how much they SPENT earning that money, which in return gives the reader an idea of the actual PROFIT they can expect to receive from said endeavors. I know, I know, it’s just not good MARKETING…but it IS good ETHICS!

    Thanks for your quality post, with pictures (screenshots even!) as usual, giving all us starving nooobs out here, something to shoot for!

  11. the noob Post author

    fred- thanks, i know who u are and i will remember. 😉

    sc- i have a lot of different web sites. I spend about 30 dollars a month for web hosting. But, if your blogs are low traffic, u can host upwards of 50 blogs on one shared hosting plan for like 10 bucks a month. I have other sites besides my blogs and a couple require dedicated hosting. But that is a different story altogether. I own around 400 domain names and 99 percent of them are dot coms. I got rid of most of the other extensions. hope that answers ur questions and let me know if you have more. cheers.

    marly- thanks. i don’t think i have any real blogging skillz. i just go out and keep trying to make money off of my blog that’s all. most people just quit after realizing how hard it is. 😉 if it isn’t hard, it wouldn’t be fun for me.

    toga- thanks. i have around 400 dot com domains. i’ve set up some starter pages, forums, blogs, affiliate sites on most of them. A few of them, i have some major plans for that require dedicated hosting and professional coding and design. But most, are simple blog like sites that make a few bucks a month. as far as blogs, i set up about 50 blogs that are dedicated to making money online. i did not include the income from those blogs on this income report. 😉 if you have more questions, feel free to ask. cheers.

    somebodyunfamous- thanks. yeah, i started off with paid plugging and i have gotten used to the easy cash associated with it. can’t turn down easy money. I think the future is affiliate marketing and adsense for most of my newer blogs. I will also try to set up some really high PR forums and or affiliate review sites for added passive income. Most of my reinvestments are for two other sites. Both are real estate related. As far as marketing, i’ve probably only spent a few thousand. So, most of the income is profit. At least 20k is profit. Thanks for reading my blog and happy blogging.

    dorian- yes it can be done. not as easy as other might have said, but can be done. For noobs, it’s especially hard, cause there are too many scams out there. And, the so called secrets can only be gained by buying ebooks or blog mastermind type schemes. The truth is that there really is not secret. You just have to figure out how to sell links and up your PR and traffic. You just have to learn the basics of SEO and work them keywords for affiliate commissions. 😉

  12. Model Elaine

    Widgetbucks- $25.00 I love this! Widgetbucks is probably the worst affiliate program. They give you the twenty-five bucks at sign up knowing you’ll never see it anyway. I’ve signed up with them a year ago and I have their widgit, but no one has clicked on it in a year, so i know I’ll never see my $25 LOL

  13. Living on Adsense Blog

    Congrats on keeping a PR2 with your paid posts. Google tore mine from PR3 to Zero after a few days of posting (have I cried about this on your blog before?)

    25K+…great job man! I see that you used a ton of different monetization strategies as by the list in your post. I assume that all of the items were no ton your blog all at once.

    Also I see you made a bunch from CJ, but I can’t see which CJ programs you used…

  14. Anthony

    Wow! That’s pretty impressive. I am not there blogging yet, but make my living web content publishing with several article based websites. See my website for details. Congrats on one year!

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  16. 2ThePoint


    I can’t believe it’s been a year. I remember the first time I came by your blog (when you first started out). It seems like it was frikkin yesteray – but on the flip side, it seems like a couple of years.

    Well done, you. More grease to your elbow, Noob.

    take care…

    aka Black.Pixie

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  18. Jeunelle Foster

    Wow very impressive with your money making blog. I am getting some tips from you and will put them to good use. I hope that the New Year is a profitable and successful one for you too.

  19. Gupastic

    Very impressive mate… I would love have a blog like yours. Specially the one that serves the purpose for its readers.

    you give good info and i love to see you zooming ahead. My wishes with you…

  20. r.k.sundararajan

    dear noob,
    i have submited my blogs at advertiser’s area. awaiting for the approval from payperpost .com,and loud already you have pasted image showing details about that i also had 611 dollars in will be paid area. but suddenly my opera community blog http/ (blog – name Life Line is LOve)has suddenly banned .the next day i posted my world community opera widget. i did nothing wrong at this blog with my knowledge. the blog was on google rank 5.due to the ban i did not even single dollar payment till date from payper even yester day i verified at payperpost dashboard area it was showing as -will be paid 40 that is also not reflecting.
    now iam struggling. what way i can join with you to submit my blog which is on rank 3. my wife is a cancer patient,under going you may consider to help me by offering the right advice.
    yours sincerely,
    with love r.k.sundararajan.
    my mail

  21. r.k.sundararajan

    MY DEAR,
    MAY PLEASE HELP ME TO KNOW ABOUT MY URL FOR THIS RAJAMAHARJHA’s Blog. i could not able to find out what is the url in this site. where ever i submit this blog they revert it by saying that the url is wrong. please help me in this regard. what way i can submit my blogs at bloggernoob. please reply to my mail .
    requesting early reply to make my christmas happy and the forth coming new year also to be happy.
    thank you.
    with love r.k.sundararajan.

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  29. exinco

    congratulation. the figure is hard to achieve but you did it. is your income came from this blog? what others blog do you have?


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  39. Steve

    So, now that the passion has died down, what is your next step? Are you going to continue to build on your current website/s? Or are you on to something completely different?

  40. Miguel

    Impressive! It made me remember my first approach to make money online where I add a huge amount of sites and banners on my computer while I was studying for university.
    It seems to me that this is indeed a lot of work but hey nothing comes really for free in this life. So congratulations and I wish all the best for you next year!

    P.S. Add you to my favorites and I will follow you on entrecard as well!

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  44. ann

    your ad is in my blog via entrecard now =) love your entry btw, would u help me to improve on my blog earning???? jus drp me a msg?


  45. Caleb - Market Secrets Blogger

    Your last paragraph really needs to be understood…

    if you don’t like to read or write, don’t start a blog about blogging or a make money online blog.

    IT sometimes trips me when ppl say they don’t want have to write anything.

  46. Armand

    I thought this post was a movie review, the picture just caught my attention, by the way, congratulations for your success…

  47. Nessa

    Happy birthday Bloggernoob!

    $25K is a lot of money… I don’t think I even made 1% of that with my blog. And now, my blog is a PR zero! Dang!

  48. BeFriends

    Ok! one hell of a an advice – the last one. Never Surrender – Galaxy Quest.

    You are true. Just about to check your sites ranking on alexa. Seems like may be reading Your fun articles after all. and are the top bloggers who earn on the internet.

    Simple template. Would’ve liked something of a cheezy template on the front page. Don’t you think so.

    Look at these templates –

    This sort of templates be the standard.

    Anyways, the effort you are making I don’t have the slighest idea.

    So, you win dear, you win.

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  51. Jared Stenzel

    Did you not include referral links in some of these because there is no referral program? I’m considering starting to use some of these on one of my blogs, but I thought I’d check with you to see if you had referral links on some of the sites.

    Email me if you want the list of sites I’m looking at.

  52. Steve

    man.. 25k is lotta money ….
    looks like you live on your PC….
    you need to give me lessons on how you did that….


  53. leizlmarie

    hi! did bloggerwave pay you? i earned $60 there and up to now i haven’t received my earnings.. it’s been years now! any idea what’s the matter? :(

  54. Julius Orias

    Congratulations on your 1 Year of Money Making Online with your blog. It is good to know that someone has making money and by learning about what you do we will be making money also….again keep up the good work!


    Julius Orias

  55. Doleelelp

    Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you . :)

  56. Kaylee Grines

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  57. Hung Loeurm

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  58. iTunes

    Many people don’t realize it…but simply by blogging, doing something that many people really enjoy, you could be making more money than people at their minimum wage jobs. Congratulations on all of the success noob. 😀

  59. Helio Campos Ferreira

    É muito relevante a união, e o respeito entre os integrantes envolvidos com a Literatura,nós aprendemos em conjuntura,dedicação e o mais importante pensamento critico na visão da escrita literária, e vejo isto em cada um envolvidos diretamente na escrita…Obrigado.

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