BloggerNoob and the coffee business

bloggernoobcoffee.jpgBloggerNoob is in Los Angeles, preparing a wedding. What you may not know is, that the noob is also doing a feasibility study on one of my properties. I own a few properties in Los Angeles. One property in particular, i wanted to develop a multi unit building. I still plan on following through with this plan, but obvious the timing isn’t right for now. Real Estate is terrible right now. I might snag a few foreclosed properties, but i can’t develop anything for at least a year or two. Anyway, i have to continue to pay the mortgage so i’ve inquired about converting the existing building into a commercial one. Commercial space yields more rental income then residential ones. I can earn double the rent just by converting the space into businesses. A friend of mine started a coffee shop and has done really well, so i asked him a few questions. And now i’m in talks with city planning to get the proper permits. What does this have to do with blogging? I’ll show you.

You start your blog with a plan. You pick up penguinlove dot com and think it’s going to become a hit. Then you realize that not a lot of people are interested in penguin love. Or you might get bored with penguins. So you change your plan. You start posting cute little penguin pics with captions. You quickly develop a loyal following and before you know it, you made it to the technorati top 100. This might not be a likely scenario, but you get my point right? Sometimes, you have to change up your blog into another direction. Not all of our plans in life happened the way we want it to, so we have to change to go on. I think most bloggers don’t do this. Instead they quit. They just waste the hosting and domain bill and just quit. Blogging is a low cost venture so it doesn’t hurt your wallet that much when you quit. But if you own a piece of real estate, you can’t quit that easily. You have to think up ways to keep the cash flowing. You HAVE to or you’ll lose everything. You’ll lose the down payment money and you”ll hurt your credit. With that regard, i think it’s sometimes better to have a lot of money invested into your blog. It’ll make it that much harder for you to quit.

This post was more about changing up your plans, not coffee. I just liked the sound of the title. And wanted to share with you my new coffee plans. Been very stressed with the mortgage and vacant residential units. So i’m very excited about my new plans.

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    witchypoo- no not that soon. thanks god. it’s in april. just make the final deposits yesterday. i go back to Chicago friday. home sweet home. too bad it’s real cold. and it snowed like crazy the last few days. burrr

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