Bloggernoob doesn’t make $80/day online Part 2

rosario dawson doesn\'t make $80/day online. make money onlineFirst of all, let me congratulate myself on the title of my blog post. I mixed in a little reverse psychology with you guys. If i wrote “Bloggernoob makes $80/day online Part whatever,” it wouldn’t have gotten as many hits. As i promised in my last post (Bloggernoob doesn’t make $80/day online Part 1), i will discuss in detail of how i monetize my other blogs. Bloggernoob is my flagship blog. But, i don’t make all of my online income with this blog. I first set up bloggernoob to try to see if i could make money online. I have achieved this goal and then some. I could probably sell this blog for a nice profit, but i don’t think that i ever will. It’s become my baby.

I will discuss paid plugging in this post. I starting writing my last post thinking that it wasn’t going to be that long. I didn’t want to just generalize everything, so i decided to break down my monetization methods into sections. I think that this will provide a more detailed view of blog monetization. Hopefully, it’ll help some of you noobs out there. Be sure to keep checking this blog for Part 3, Part 4, etc… (subscribe to my rss feed)

Paid plugging gets a bad rap in the blog game. Most of the blogging veterans talk trash about it. It’s true that google will hit you hard for doing paid plugs. But, it really is the best way for a noob to make a little money with their blog. If you haven’t already joined up with payperpost, sponsoredreviews, and smorty, i suggest you do so now. You can check out my income report to see how much i made with these paid plugging sites. To use this method, you will need a collection of blogs with PR on them.

The catch 22 of paid plugging is that you need PR to get posting opps, but when you do paid plugging, you lose your PR. The trick is to grow a lot of PR blogs. Bloggers who have been in the game for a long time already know how to easily get PR. Without making this too complicated, let’s assume that you bought a few PR blogs(domains). If you go into web forums, you should be able to buy PR blogs for cheap. ($30-$90 for PR3, PR4, PR5) Don’t spend any money if you’re a complete noob. You might get ripped off by someone selling a blog with fake PR.(Click here to learn how to check to see if the PR is real) Always be cautious when you spend your hard earned money. If you are not sure about the purchase, ask somebody. Ask me.

When you start with these programs, you won’t get a lot of gigs in the beginning. It’ll take time and patients, but if you hang in there, more opportunities will show up. With payperpost, the trick is to constantly login to your account. They randomly release batches of stuff. Even if you don’t have PR or a high Alexa, you can still get offers. Usually the weekends are slow, so check often during the week. In the beginning, most of the offers will be in the $5-$10 range. But in time, you should start seeing higher offers. After you’ve successfully done a few paid plugs, you can start adding more blogs to your account. This is how i can make $80/day by paid plugging.

The idea is that you spread out your collection of PR blogs. Let’s say that you have 5 blogs. (PR1,2,3,4,5) Add each blog to your ppp, sponsored, and smorty account. You’re PR5 blog will get the highest paying offers. Each of these paid plugging sites have their own rules so read up on them. You’re usually allowed to post multi times per blog per day. My typical $80 day will consist of a couple of 6 dollar plugs on smorty, and a 30 dollar and 18 dollar plug on ppp, and a few 10 dollar posts on sponsored.

The PageRank(PR) that you see on the toolbar is not the actual PR of a site. Google is constantly updating the Rank of your sites. Your PR actually changes every day. But, they don’t want to reveal how they calculate PR, so they update the tool bar about 4 times a year. So, you have around 3 months of PR. If you use this method, you will probably lose your PR during the next update. Don’t let this scare you off tho. After the next update, just use up your other blogs that have PR. Or, buy another batch of PR blogs at digitalpoint.

I hate long posts. It’s so boring. I hope that this post wasn’t too general for you. If you have any specific questions, leave me a comment and i will address it. If you read this long and boring post, it shows that you really are serious about making money online. I will reward one of you by giving you $10. Just leave me a useful comment below. Noob out!

55 thoughts on “Bloggernoob doesn’t make $80/day online Part 2

  1. Beau71

    WOW, this was a very insightful post. You provided a wealth of knowledge in how Google PageRank works, and you mentioned that some bloggers know how to increase PageRank quickly. By any chance would you be posting about get a PageRank in a short period of time?

  2. Paul U

    Nice tips.

    I just bought a new domain. Now I’m thinking of using it to set up another website. My question is how could I host it my old hosting account Bluehost.

    I don’t want it to redirected to my old site which is Work At Home blogging. I want it to be a different website.

  3. the noob Post author

    vincent- thanks. yes, u can get PR back, but it’ll take a lot of link building and a lot of time. bloggernoob was at PR0 for a long time but eventually got PR2. I think that this blog should be a PR4, but i’m still taxed cause of my paid plugs.

    beau71- hmm. i don’t know how to do it in a short period of time. and, SEO is more art then science. And you really can’t gaurantee success. Cause nobody, i mean noboday really knows how google ranks sites. If an SEO guys promises you something, it’s probably a scam. basically, it’s all about getting backlinks to you site. Get them often, and get a lot of them. 😉 it helps to have a network of high PR friends. 😉

    paul u- yeah, you should totally set up another website. you can host a lot of websites on one shared hosting plan. You bluehost account should be running cpanel. Login to cpanel, and click on addon domain. add that domain, and then use fantastico to install whatever CMS you wish.

  4. Ralph

    Wow, nice post. I didn’t know you’d lose Pagerank, though, my PR 4 blog, Pagerank isn’t really a big deal. I was going to sign up for PayPerPost a little while back, but they kinda scared me off when they started talking about mailing tax forms and such.
    I’ll look into the other two.

  5. Dusty

    I am looking forward to the rest of this topic.

    It is funny that there are so many MMO blogs out there that do not teach you anything (except for how to suck). I am glad I ran across yours and look forward to actually learning a few things.

  6. Kathleen Milazzo

    Smorty has offers on it that I am not understanding. Maybe you can help me. They want their image linked to a url they supply and something about a mouse over image and the name of the site? I looked it up and I tried but I don’t want to do them all wrong. They still haven’t approved the first three ads I did six days ago. thanks for your advice and help.

  7. Chelle

    Paid posting has been somewhat of a challenge for me. I did go from PR 4 to PR 3 on one site, not sure if that is from the single paid post I did or just because of other dumb factors like me being a nice girl who gives do follow links & keyword luv to my commenters. Most of the offers though are not things I’m even interested in blogging about, or to me aren’t worth it (they want 3 links for $5!).

    I tried some of those pr checkers you shared – the one said I had suspicious activity, but I wouldn’t even know how to try to forget my pr if i wanted to. I did check out in Google though :)

    I am being enticed by a lot of people to do some site flipping, but I get so attached to those darn blogs I start…the first one I created specifically to sell is actually making more $$$ than the others!

    Oh well, looking forward to the next parts to this series :)

  8. Wendy

    Okay, I hope you are going to address this comment indepth in part 3 or 4 of this thread.

    “Bloggers who have been in the game for a long time already know how to easily get PR.”

    This is what we are all “chomping at the bit” to find out about.

    Thanks for the info on PPP though. It is very insightful. I tried to get PPP gigs but by the time I click on them to apply they already have everyone they need. How can it be that fast? Sometimes they just show up and then they are gone.

    Wendy (nicheless)

  9. Mizé

    Hi. I´m also doing paid plugging, as you call it. I had PR4 in my blog Night Clicks, then PR0 when they caught me, PR1 after I requested for reconsideration, and in the recent update I got PR2, not bad but doesn´t give me the chance to have good paying posts like I had with PR4.
    Now I´m working in having more blogs to earn more, but it takes time and work.
    IZEA also has Social Spark, a recent site, have you tried this one? They have good opportunities for US bloggers and blogs with PR. The best part is that all links are with the nofollow tag.
    I read all your post and I don´t think it was boring at all. I´ll come back for the rest of the series.
    Best regards.

  10. Rick Vaughn

    Noob, good post! I wish I could make $80 a day from blog but first things first. Anyway, thanks for the tip on people selling “fake PR’s” I was thinking about doing a few of the those but I’m glad I caught your post 1st.

  11. indocontest

    Great post Noob!.
    I think this post is not for me cause I’m not good enough in this paid plugging(Bad Grammar) 😛
    So I’ll wait Part 3. 😉

  12. Cafe_Cafe

    My best advice:

    – Build a blog farm (6-7 blogs)
    – Work hard to make a couple of them PR4 or PR5 (You can buy them too if you want to acelerate the process). Make sure you do not sell links or paid post in those blogs.
    – Chain link your blogs once every month this way:
    * High PR blogs (PR4, PR5) link to all your other blogs (1 link to main and 1 deep link)
    * Medium PR blogs (PR2, PR3) link to low blogs (1 main, 1 deep)
    * Low PR blogs (PR0, PR1) without dofollow outgoing links to your farm
    – Continue building your incoming links for your blogs with special focus in those with high PR.
    – Wait for the next Google Dance.
    – Start doing paid plugs ONLY with your medium ranked blogs.
    – Be sure to continue the internal linking process monthly.

    By the time your medium blogs receive the Google Axe you’ll see the former low blogs are now medium and you still have those really important intact.

    Takes a while (6 months or so) but I’m sure you’ll be glad with the results.

    Note: Do not link your blogs between them in their blogroll. Just with monthly posts.

    I don’t write paid plugs but I learned a little bit about PR in the last couple years. I have 8 blogs (4 PR4, 3 PR3 and 1 really new PR0).

    PS: In 6 months or so I’ll be happy to accept a gratitude link :)

  13. Stine

    I’ve got 2 – one on its own domain, and one blogger blog. PR has been up and down, just as you say. The last time, they were both on 2, and then the domain blog lost it. The other one, though, where I do almost exclusively paid posting, is still on 2… Google is an ongoing mystery to me!
    Anyway – great post! I make 100-200 per month on my two, so I guess 80 per day with 5 is very possible. Looking forward to part 3!

  14. Webbiestuffs

    Indeed this is a useful trick. I would be buying PR blogs then but how one can set up a blog and make them earn PRs? I mean, if others who are blogging and wants some PT cannot make easy PR, how these guys easily make PR and just sell them? The idea to buy a blog with PR 3 already is really cool.

  15. indocontest

    @Webbie: But you must careful to buy high PR blog, like Noob said in this post, there’s a lot of fake PR blog out there.
    Could you imagine 1 month old blog have PR4?
    So if you wanna buy a high PR you better ask Noob or maybe….. m….e….. 😉

  16. Steve McGrath

    the noob: Even if it’s old stuff to me, I’m glad that you warned people about losing PR.

    Mizé: Social Spark was going in the good direction until I got paid. It was supposed to be $27.00 when I took the offer but got paid $5.50 when I was accepted to write it. Having known the price had drop, I would had not taken it. So, beware.

  17. marly

    I find this blog of bloggernoob very interesting and helpful. I always drop by here and take a read.

    My concern is that I just had this new domain for my blog. My blog is powered by blogger. I hope you will give me some advice on how to improve my blog for future MMO opportunities.


  18. SolReka

    Hi noob

    Great post. I have a question. What if, like most noobs including myself, have only one blog?

    I understand that mutiple self-blog linking is an effective way to promote yourself, but what if there is only one blog to promote?

    I’ve had no joy with payperpost, I’m not a big fan of payperposts.

    When I see a blog which is trying to sell me something (payperpost), or cross-link to an affiliation link I generally close the tab quicker than you can say speedy gonzales.

    Hope you’re well.

  19. Dena

    This is great info, but I really have trouble getting offers on Payperpost due to the fact that I work during the day. It seems that most ops are released while I’m at work and when I get home everything is already reserved. I wish I had more time to check but I guess that the life of a GM.

  20. kbguy

    wow! there more people who want to make money on-line than anything else. I don’t know weather it really works or not. But more often it doesn’t. I guess. Anybdy have good ideas ?

  21. Shafar

    You said “Bloggers who have been in the game for a long time already know how to easily get PR”.
    I hope you too is in this category. So expecting more ‘tips’ from you about PR..!

  22. France

    I definitely learned useful tips on how to earn lot’s of money by blogging. Your tips are deeply appreciated by beginners and simple noobs like me. Rest assured that, after my third month of blogging, I will follow the tips you just stated in this post. I am definitely looking forward to part three. By the way, would it be all right with you if we exchange links? Thanks and more power to your blogs!

  23. the noob Post author

    ralph- yeah it can get a bit weird to give out ss numbers. but you have to for some programs. i say, if it’s a big enough site, do it. or, u can go the DBA route and get your own EIN (employee id number)

    dusty- thanks a lot. i appreciate your kind words. i’ll try to be helpful in these upcoming posts.

    kathleen milazzo- yeah, i think smorty has a bug right now. the system isn’t doing a good job of fixing the image link, and opps are showing up even tho they have been taken already. im surprised smorty is still in business. but looks like the quality is real bad. it’s all casino and med sites. i say stick to ppp and sponsored. the image problem should be addressed to smorty. i found a link on the forum about it, but didn’t try it. it wasn’t worth my time.

    chelle- i don’t think one paid plug would make u lose 1 pr rank. it’s probably a lot of different factors. the pr checking sites are not perfect. as far as suspicious…a lot of my sites come up like that too. it’s no biggie. just check the google cache and info:domain good job on the website flipping. it’s a good way to add income. it’s pretty fun too.

    wendy- i will addres more about the PR game in my later posts. Don’t know which post it will be yet tho. But i will talk about it some more in detail. I guess everybody wants some easy PR tricks. 😉

    sogeshirts- we are all lazy. i think that’s why i started this blog. thought it would be easy for my lazy ass to make money online. it turns out that blog mastering is hard work. go figure.

    mize- what do you mean you requested reconsideration? you contacted google? i don’t understand. i think the PR game is an up and down thing. If you have a main site, i don’t recommend u do any paid plugs. but with ur site sites with PR, paid plugging is a great way to make some easy cash. if u have a set of PR4, PR5, PR6 blogs, you can get offers in the $30-$40 range. It ads up to some nice income. Even if you do one a day, it’ll pay for you car payments and food shopping.

    rick vaughn- yeah, just do the info:domain and u should be fine. even if the PR will be gone for sure the next update, your PR will qualify for these paid plugging sites. that’s all that matters. 😉

    indocontest- it’s all good. paid plugging ain’t for everybody. if you can write fast posts, it’s not for u. luckily i can bs for hours on end. 😉

    cafe cafe- thanks for the detailed blog farming/PR harvesting comment. i think my readers apprecaite your input.

    wendy- i consider kontera to be similar to adsense. it’s a get paid by the click site. only thing with kontera is that you can’t mix in paid plugs with them. Kontera works well on certain types of sites, but not all. i say, mix and match it.

    stine- yeah, hitting 80 a day with a few high PR blogs isn’t that hard.

    webbiestuffs- PR doesn’t just happen overnight. if you reg a new domain, it can take months. but, you can buy dropped domains with PR on it. This is one of the tricks that people use.

    indocontest- yeah. but the no links 1 month blog rule doesn’t matter for paid plugging. as long as PPP or sponsored or smorty sees the PR, you will get PR posting opps. that’s a way of gaming the system. As long as the PR checks out by info:domain, you’re good to go.

    steve mcgrath- i say join them all. sorry to hear of your social spark switch. that sucks. 20 dollar difference is a big deal. i haven’t done much them them. maybe one post, still waiting to see if i get paid before i move any further. thanks for the heads up.

    justin- thanks

    juzten- thanks

    marly- for paid plugging, having your own hosted domain blog is best. more opps.

    solreka- i say set up a few more. it’ll only cost like 7 bucks a year for domain, and an hour more per week to update those minor blogs.

    dena- yeah. it’s all about timing. they have offers all the time tho. just gotta get lucky and log in when they release the batch.

    kbguy- i just wrote about one idea up there.

    yoko- thanks yoko

    shafar- yeah, i received a few comments and emails about this. i guess everybody’s a sucker for easy ways to get PR. there aren’t any quick ways, it’ll take work, but there is a way to harvest a collection of PR blogs. I think it’s similar to farming or wine harvesting. you keep growing for the next update.

    france- thanks. sorry, i don’t do link exchanges.

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  25. Jeff

    Dude, you nailed it! I earn money through paid posts too and started out using free blog platforms and as Google started to take the PR of some of my blogs I was prompted to create more blogs and am trying to work on getting PR for them.

    Your tip about buying domains with PR is very helpful.

    Any tips on making passive income?

    Thanks, bro!

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  31. Bala

    Hi i have applied for ppp but its being rejected al the time.. wat shld i do?? And my domain is a PR2 one.. i get very less reviews.. infact written only 6-7 since i started my blog its gonna be more than 1 month from now.. im totally fedup!! can u gv me a suggestion pls..

  32. jaini

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    thank you.

  33. jaini

    i want to know how to buy from digitalpoint. please explain me in stepwise dear. waiting for your reply. please mail me the answer if you can. waiting here for your reply dear.respond me please.

  34. Amanda

    I am making money online by blogging, I have a pr3 and a pr1, and three other blogs without pr, and they don’t seem to be getting any pr, so i stopped using them. I am averaging $30 a day, but I want to increase that. Ive never thought about buying a blog that already has pr, Can I start using them to earn right away? Also, If I get a new blog, would you consider link exchange, because I would be diligent about getting it pr quickly… Thanks!

  35. The Knowledgelady

    I just hit the $60 a day mark this week on my collection of 4 blogs. I stepped away from PPP and the other paid to blog companies when the big name companies like Sears and Petsmart started to contact me directly to put a blog post authored by them on my blogs – to the tune of $40+ a time. Just a simple cut and paste with no links involved. My blogs don’t have high PR but they do have a low Alexa number and that is what they were looking for. They didn’t want link juice, just advertising.

  36. jaini

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    thank you.

  37. Victor

    What’s up with the trashy women pics on your blog and that ugly baby on the header. You have some good articles, but I can’t see what the point of the trash women is for. I won’t be back.

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  39. Pirates Jesse Jane SHOCK

    I have a PR2 site which I optimize it for organic traffic but I do not know how to monetize it. Sigh. All I can do is earn from a CPA. And the CPA is paying me so little. Feeling so frustrated. I guess SEO is just one part of internet marketing.

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