bloggernoob drops down to PR Zero

Every 3 months or so, the “make money online” blogging community goes ape doo doo over the toolbar update of google pagerank. The last update that happened a few days ago is no different. I wasn’t busy updating this blog, but i still work in a lot of hours with my other web sites. I was checking out what people were posting on their blogs and web forums about the PR update. I think that a lot of people out there take the tool bar pagerank way too seriously. Most of the people who care about this are straight up noobies. You do not need a high PR blog to make money online. It can help, but that is not the only thing. I should know. I made most of my income with zero or low PR on this blog. What you want is traffic. Of course, not all traffic is created equal. The type of traffic you want is sent over from google.

I can not brag about the type of search engine traffic that i get to this blog. But, if i add in all of the google traffic that i get to all of my websites, i know that i am doing something right. I know that my SEO (search engine optimization) efforts are working. I do not consider myself to be a guru or a pro at this MMO game. But, i do not think that the so called “Pro” know what they’re doing either. Usually, the people who try to sell you shit are the newbiest of noobs.

Don’t get too caught up in the PageRank game. It is an important stat, but it doesn’t make or break your blog. If you have a blog that can be broken by a pagerank blog, then your blog is shitty anyway. My bloggernoob blog just got hit by google. As you can see, i have a big zero as my PR. But, the great thing is that i learned how to monetize my blog long before i had PR. Secondly, i was only sitting on PR2 anyway. I still made more money with this blog then 95% of the MMO bloggers in the blogosphere. Do you like apples? How do you like them apples!

The key to success in this game is patience. You need to have a lot of time. Fortunately, if you can resist the temptation to quit, you’ll more then likely get some nice passive income with your blog. Even if the dollar amount isn’t high, wouldn’t it be nice to passively make $200-$2000 a month with your blog?

Noobies, don’t freak out over the tool bar PR. It isn’t even the real pagerank. Check the keywords that you have been working on in the search engine. If your site still shows up, you’re still good. Just wait it out for the next toolbar update to show some PR bling again.

Also, set up a few other blogs. I have repeatedly preached on about this. If you are looking to make money by blogging, you need to have at least a few blogs in your portfolio. Most of you guys probably don’t know this, but i have like 5 other “make money online” blogs set up. If i can not score an affiliate commission or private ad sale with, i know that i can score it with one of my other MMO blogs. It’s a numbers game. And it is also a safety net. Let me give you a plane analogy. You wouldn’t fly across the country in a one propeller plane would you? Then why would you only have one blog that makes money?

Remember to repeat the basics at all times. Get a lot of keyword specific links to your web site. Get the links spread out across your blog. Don’t just get links to your homepage. Get deep links to individual posts. Don’t just trade sidebar links either. Get in post links from authority sites. Farm for links and join linking groups. Mix and match and network with other people in your niche. Post at least once every two weeks.

Hope your new year started out rockin! I’ll be posting some year end stats and income reports shortly. Keep your eye out for that. Also, thanks to all who have been patient with me and my noob blog. I’ll try not to neglect this blog. Noob out!

35 thoughts on “bloggernoob drops down to PR Zero

  1. Jared Stenzel

    I make about $900 a month from blogging. It’s through google that I make the money too. Not google adsense, just the traffic I get from Google. I haven’t found PR to be very important; however it really helps in the beginning when you are learning about seo.

  2. Euroangel

    having PR in your blogs is still a big advantage…I lost my PR4 down to 2…not bad…I earned thousand dollars before but now better as nothing!! thanks for sharing this post!!keep blogging still..with pr or none!!

  3. Norm

    PR doesn’t mean anything to my sites, it’s all about getting constant traffic on a regular basis. I make good money on one of my sites with PR 0

    Don’t focus on PR, but focus on your website…but you also need to market it occasionally. Dont be blind about it.


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  5. jj-momscashblog

    Hey Noob, I’m still a 0 this round with Google, but I’m not feeling too bad because my website does make money. I believe that my TLA could be one of my problems but that brings me a nice little check monthly so I’m not ready to let go of them. I do plan on posting a bit more than I had been, but I’m not going to go overboard and do one everyday. I have a theory that you get more comments if you give people time to read your post and then interact/comment to your post especially if they’re not coming at them every 8-20 hrs. So I’m going to keep on truckin…

  6. mysuseorg

    HI.. My blog pr down to 0. after that i didn’t earn a single penny. I tried different way to get back my PR but no use. So i stopped putting posts in my blog. Hey please tell me few tips to earn from the blogging yaar.. please help me in this. I’m in blogging for past one year .. i’m still waiting to learn new things and to earn through blog..

  7. Dwep

    The only reason I care about pagerank, is so that I can anchor my keyword to a money making blog of mine. well there are some other reasons, but this is my main one.

  8. Trevor

    Interesting comments. I do believe that PR carries some level of significance, but not to the extent where you can’t make any money without it.

    PR is Google’s idea of how important your website is, mostly based off of inbound links.

    So… getting a higher PR will create more search engine traffic. But I agree with you- it’s not all about your PR; there are plenty of other ways to make money online.

  9. the noob Post author

    im not saying google toolbar PR isn’t important. Im just saying that it isn’t the end all, be all of blog monetization. 😉

  10. Barry

    It is funny that I went nearly a year with PR n/a. I never could figure why. Out of nowhere, it instantly jumped to PR2. This may not seem significant, but if you now type the question “How can I be my own detective?” and “blog” I finally now show up – usually #1 .

  11. Marc

    They knocked me down to zero a few months ago also. We should make a PR penalty club, lol.

    They are specifically penalizing sites that sell links or use too much anchor text. Like catching flies with a sledgehammer.

  12. problogger 2u2c

    i have no idea if my blog going to 0 pr to make money with that…

    the only that i know only with google adsense will help to make money online with pr 0 blog…

    but the most important things is traffic

  13. Source Blogger

    Hi, this is Source Blogger.

    I wouldn’t panic or make any sudden changes to your blog or SEO strategy, but don’t dismiss the PR decline either. The drop was not accidental.

    Most times, you know why your PR rank fell.

  14. wulida

    hufft…thanks for the suggest…but i’m still caught up in the PR game…and didn’t paid after my PR down into a Huge zero… hufft… :(

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