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bloggernoob.jpgI’m a big time gamer. I don’t follow all the different games, but when i find a video game i like, i’m gungho about it. I enjoy the games you can play against people online. When you set up your gaming identity, don’t be shy to include your domain name. I play starcraft, and guess what my screen name is? That’s right, “” If any of you play this game, look me up next time. I’ll beat your arse!

The point of this post is branding. Internet marketing isn’t complex. It’s about getting your website or blog out there. They can’t visit if they aren’t aware of it. So you throw it out there. If you’re a big time social networker, put your url on your myspace or facebook page. If you make youtube videos, do the same. Get your domain name up on every free webpage or social networking site. Get people to see it and recognize it.

Even low level offline marketing tactics could work. I’m sure that if i hired a few highschool kids to stick a small card with my noob image and url on windshield wipers, i would get hits from that. It might not be worth the money, but it’ll get a few people to visit my site. The point is maximum exposure.

Everytime i play starcraft, i rule. After my opponent get defeated, they check out my blog. Simple as that. They probably ask themselves questions like… Who is this guy? Why is he so good at starcraft? Maybe i could visit the site and become as good as him……i know that’s what they’re thinking.

When you think about it, gamers make great visitors. They obviously have a lot of time on their hands. They’re tech savvy.(dorks) And they obviously like spending money on useless things. The trifecta of make money online readers. Get in good with the gamers, and you’re sure to make money by blogging.

9 thoughts on “Bloggernoob everywhere

  1. Wade

    I still love Counter Strike and Halo 2. Though when I get on the computer, I always get sidetracked by my site. Then I haven’t had my xbox for the past 6 months. Well it was broke.. Then sent to MS. Then my dad borrowed it. Working on my site it more important anyways. Money over pleasure.. Unless it is sex..?? lol

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  2. Affiliate Marketing Blog

    Hey noob,

    I agree with your post on some levels. I think maximum exposure for any business is productive, no doubt. But I kind of see internet marketing as more of a targeted effort. I want people coming to my site who are primed to buy the products of the affiliate programs I promote. I think you probably DO get people you play starcarft against online to come to your blog BUT if they came here thinking they’re going to learn about starcraft and how you creamed them and they find a MAKE MONEY ONLINE blog with a SCARY BABY LOGO, odds are they’re not going to be interested in Virtual Website Hosting or BidVertiser.

    Hey, I totally agree with you on getting the name of your website out there, but I really think one of the keys to making money online is getting the right type of visitor to your site.

    Keep up the good work and Claire Forlani is HOT!

  3. the noob Post author

    wade- i heard ms is having a lot of problems with the xbox blowing up. i wanted to get one, so i could play me some halo, but a few friends told me not to buy it. too bad you don’t play starcraft, i’d want a challenge. :)

    affiliate marketing blog- i get your point about targeting, but the only trageted traffic i’m looking for is from google. other then that, i don’t mind teenage dorks coming to my site. yeah…most of them will leave right away, but that one guy, who reads one of my post titles…and then reads a post..and then wants some additional lunch money…that’s what i want. beats getting traffic from johnchow’s blog.

    jared stenzel- u should jared. you’ll get hits! and u should play starcraft. it’d be cool to play with ya!

    better interpoersonal comm- thanks, as always :)

    embracing health- nice, an entrecarder. usually people just bounce. thanks for reading and commenting. :)

    desmond- haha, outperforming in games. more like dominating 😉

    penantang- yeah, work hard and u’ll get there.

    blogmania- you’re welcome friend.

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