Bloggernoob got a new macbook!

I just got my hands on the new macbook. I now own a total of 9 computers. I know that is an over abundance of computers, but i just can’t help myself. I am a total computer geek. I bought the macbook for about $1500. I bought it because it is sexy. I bought it because i wanted to get more familiar with the new Leopard operating system. Mainly, i bought it so that i could mess around with the iphone sdk. I have been itching to start developing my own iphone application for a few months now. I keep reading about how people are making a lot of money with iphone apps. I wanted to get in on all of this action. I think that developing iphone applications can be a great way to make money online. The best part about this purchase was that paid for it. Isn’t it grand that a hobby blog can pay for such luxurious items? My blog paid for mini holidays and vacations. pays for groceries and super cool toys like my new macbook. Hell, i made over $50,000 in just over a year just by blogging.

I have to hand it to Stevie Jobs and friends. They really do know how to design a sexy piece of hardware. Also, they are king when it comes to ads. They make really simple ads that brain wash people. If you honestly break down the mac, it isn’t that great. It isn’t worth $1500 if you break down the hardware and software. They know how to create demand tho. I sold one of my old macs on craigslist for like $400. That is insane! If i tried selling a PC on craigslist, the highest price would be around $40, not $400. I figure that i can sell this macbook on craigslist two years down the road for at least $500. This cuts my purchase price down by half a grand. Anyway, im just blabbering now.

I bought a few iphone application books right after i got my hands on my macbook. I want to get started right away. Because of this silly little blog, i am trying my hands at coding. It seems audacious on my part, but i feel pretty confident that i can create a useless iphone app. And i feel confident that i can make at least a few thousand dollars with my useless iphone application. I think the macbook and the books are a modest investment if you think about the potential for iphone apps. Also, the future is leaning towards mobile web. If you think about how young the internet is, you will understand my point. Now, think about how new the iphone app store is. The sooner you jump onto the mobile bandwagon, the sooner you will realize how big it is.

Once you start making money online, you have to keep moving forward. I started with a make money online blog. But, in order to progress and make more money, i have to look to other means of monetization. I am now fluent in SEO and web design. I can now work with other web platforms like joomla and drupal. I am now jumping onto the iphone development wagon. Hopefully you guys will join me and we can all make some nice cash. Joel Comm’s ifart application made $40,000 in 2 days. That’s DAY not Month! And, a part time iphone game developer made a quarter million dollars with his tetris like game. Even a junk iphone app can make you $200 an hour. Be positive and always stay hopeful. Don’t limit yourself to just blogging or affiliate marketing. The internet and our world is changing. Get in early and you might just become a millionaire. Noob out!

30 thoughts on “Bloggernoob got a new macbook!

  1. Greg Ellison

    I want to get an Iphone that is probably going to be my next purchase. I have a g4 that I bought at an auction for $5. It came with the OS, 1 Gig and Dual 1 Ghz. That was not a bad purchase for $5. The MACs do look good. You can run windows and OS X. It can be dual purpose. We are geeks that is why we are online. Greg Ellison

  2. the noob Post author

    gerri- yeah, macs are sexy. and sexy things cost a lot of money. similar to women. 😉

    greg ellison- five bucks for a mac? that’s just crazy. where did u buy it? i’ll get myself a dozen for that price. 😉

  3. Dalirin

    You have started learning coding?? You have to learn iphone SDK I think. I thought about doing that, but when I saw that apple has its own language, I was discouraged. I would the article you provided.

  4. mike

    I told people the Sony PSP is sexy also. One of the best looking portable game systems I ever seen. I mostly play the Fifa 07 soccer on it. I highly recommend the PSP.

    I love laptops also now. I use to buy the desktop computers. But I blog sitting on my bed most of the time so a laptop is the only way. They are easier to move also.

  5. Market Secrets Blogger

    The iphone app concept of getting paid reminds me of wordpress plugins sponsoring. I come up with ideas on this type of stuff almost everyday yet have never took the time to actually develop them…hmmmm?

  6. kate

    I really admire you for branching out into different ways to make money online. I am interested in making money in different ways it is just finding something that you are interested in.

  7. JustChris


    Are you referring to Objective C? I haven’t really used it myself and not ready to dive into using it with Cocoa. It is possible to create apps with traditional C++ language. But for iPhones I’m not certain if it’s that flexible.

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  9. DEBBY

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  11. Free Xbox Live

    Wow, $40,000 from an iPhone app in that amount of time. I definitely need to get into programming, now more then ever, lol. Congrats on the new laptop, I’ve been wanting to get a Mac myself.

  12. Tommy - Lawn Care Tips

    I love my Mac!

    I waited nearly 20 years since seeing my first Macintosh and falling in love with it, before actually buying my first one. Now I’m a Mac man forever, it’s something I could never compromise on again. Well done, I’m envious!

  13. FTGamer

    How’s the macbook treating you? Compared to a PC, how do you like it after owning it for a few months? I’ve considered switching before.

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