BloggerNoob in the $1000 club

This is a huge milestone. I should make myself a plastic trophy or something. I’d like to thank the Academy….

It’s been like 6 weeks since i started consistently posting on this blog. It’s been a fun ride. I honestly did not think i would make $100 let alone $1000.

I’m in cali right now to check on a house and i’m about to go into escrow. Sounds weird but i’m more excited about making $1000 with this blog then the house. Anyway i’ll quit my jibber jabber and show you my stats. I don’t want to repeat screenshots so i’ll just show my top two performing ones.

cj.jpgCommission Junction- $568.75 Great Affiliate site

pppagain.jpgPayperpost- $142.79 + $180.00 Get paid to blog

Sponsored Reviews- $29.25 + $10 Get paid to blog

Smorty- $24.00 + 5%ref Get paid to blog

Bloggerwave- $10.00 Get paid to blog

Adbrite- $0.30 not worth it

Widget bucks- $25.00 $25 just for signing up

Auction ads- $25.00 $25 just for signing up

Forums- $18.00 freelance paid posting

Misc- $35.00

Total- $1068.09

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