Bloggernoob is back from Seattle and Canada

lexa doig makes money online in canadaI just got back to my condo here in Chicago. I took the last flight from Seattle and am exhausted. During my trip to Seattle and Vancouver, i saw a lot of cool things. I checked out a few properties too. The noob is thinking about buying a condo in Vancouver. I love it there! Anyway, i need to get some shuteye but i will be posting more “make money online” stuff tomorrow. Sorry i wasn’t able to post during my mini holiday. I promised the wife that i wouldn’t during our romantic week together.

Next time i go away, i’m going to have brothernoob take over for me or have a guest blogger fill in. I don’t like bloggernoob dot com not getting updated. Anyway… If you guys like traveling and stuff, i’ll do a post about my visit to Seattle and Vancouver. I took some snazzy photos!

13 thoughts on “Bloggernoob is back from Seattle and Canada

  1. the noob Post author

    chiq- yeah. vancouver bc is the bomb. out of all the cities i’ve ever visited or lived in, i’d have to put it up in the top 5. I’ve been to a lot of cities too.

    gmastasquirrel- i usually updated once every day. sometimes once every two days. but yeah, this has been the longestest this blog has been MIA. thanks for lookin out tho. i appreciate readers who look out for my blog posts. 😉

    kacper- i agree. every once in a while, u have to step away from the computer and enjoy life outside of the internet. i think this holds true for all kinds of work. life is too short to just be a slave to your work.

    jumble blogger- thanks! feels kinda cool to be missed. 😉

    chelle- that’s what she said. 😉 (quoting the 40 year old virgin in “the office”)

    goofblogger- vancouver is going up there for me as well. don’t know if i can place it yet as my favorite city, but it’s pretty amazing. i’d have to live there to find out. 😉 yeah i went to stanley park. went to victoria too. even went on treetop and suspension bridge. pretty scary, but awesome!

    m dinesh- thanks dinesh!

  2. Work From Home

    You need to go to Vancouver in the WINTER before you buy. It is worse than Seattle because not only does it rain but it is cold. I was there in March and froze to death while it was decent in Seattle.

  3. the noob Post author

    work from home- good point. but the weather can’t be as bad in the winter as chicago. 😉

    what about blog- yeah. i’ve been looking into the local vancouver market. if i buy, i will do a lot of research beforehand. after all, my day job is real estate development. 😉 didn’t know you live in vancouver. awesome. if i buy, we’ll be neighbors. 😉

  4. Jordan

    Vancouver BC is my second home and I lived there for several years! Was there on Memorial Day, 4th of July and the end of July for some zip lining and touristy stuff.

    How did you like Seattle. That is my hometown. :)

    There are screaming deals in Seattle right now for property FYI, but Vancouver may be a better and saner choice.

    Take care.

  5. the noob Post author

    jordan- awesome. i was thinking about doing the zip lining. that’s over at goose mountain right? how was it? i thought seattle was nice. downtown was a bit pricier then i expected. but it’s a good city. thanks for the comment jordan. 😉

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