BloggerNoob is one of the most popular entrecards

popular.jpgRecently i signed up with entrecard. Its a ad service where you rack up credits by showing other blogs on your site. It’s similar to blogrush but you have a picture(card) instead of a text link. Well i just discovered that my site is one of the most popular on entrecard. WooHoo. Not too shabby for a blog that is one month old. When you start you get 2 credits/day. I’m up to 26 credits/day. Johnchow dot com is the most popular blog followed by Johncow dot com. As you can see I’m in 30th place. Not bad at all noob.

4 thoughts on “BloggerNoob is one of the most popular entrecards

  1. Debo Hobo

    Hey bloggernoob, I just added your ad to my blog today. I joined Entrecard yesterday it seems like a worthwhile program. I’ll give it the usual thirty day trial period.

    I really love the new look of you blog. You have put some great thought into the layout. Don’t be mad if I copy you, just take it as flattery.

  2. the noob Post author

    Debo hobo- It’s a new service but seems like it’s going viral. No worries if you copy the look…it’s the highest form of flattery!

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