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make money online with foxA lot of you guys keep hammering away about the quality of your blogs. What you guys might not realize is that blog quality has nothing to do with making money online. Bloggernoob dot com is a site that continues to make money online. Most of the “make money online” blogs don’t know squat about making money online. They just repeat the same stuff that other people have said. If you don’t believe that blog quality doesn’t matter, do some random searches online. If you visit sites that rank well in google, you will notice that those sites suck. They don’t have good content. The site is just laced with affiliate ads. You see a lot of these types of sites for keywords such as “credit cards” and ” web hosting” These no content affiliate sites rank well in google because they have a lot of keyword links.

There are a few MMO bloggers who talk about this. These bloggers are the ones that actually know how to make money online. When you surf the web for info, try to filter out the shitty blogs. Find blogs that cut through the bull crap and tell you how to make money online. Making money online isn’t about RSS feed subscribers or blog popularity. It doesn’t have anything to do with high quality blog posts either. It’s all about links. Gets logs of them with you desired keywords, and you will make money. It’s as simple as that. If you get search engine traffic, you can easily make adsense or affiliate dollars. If you have high Google PR, you can easily sell links.

4 thoughts on “Bloggernoob on blog quality

  1. Matt

    I think you’ve just cut to the chase as you Americans are so fond of saying. How do I get links, can you give us some definite actions that we can do over a spare ten minutes that increase the number of links by a definite number?

    At the moment I’m commenting on other blogs, I submit to directories, but I don’t see the number of links to my site going up in Google and my PR is staying the same

  2. Trent Brownrigg

    100% Correct! I have posted about this exact same thing recently and I know Griz or Vic did too (can’t remember which one). Many of the sites you see ranking well for competitive keywords are really shitty sites they just know how to get enough inbound links to make it to the top.

  3. the noob Post author

    matt- you british? if you keep commenting on do follow blogs, and link trade, you should see some sort of pr during the next update. Sometimes it can take time. bloggernoob didn’t get PR for like 5 months.

    trent- yeah, i love grizz. I think grizz has the best MMO blog out there.

    greg- ok, i’ll write a post about how to get backlinks. Commenting on do follow blogs and finding link trades on web forums will get you started. small contest will get you some links as well. 😉

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