bloggernoob’s first contest

cd.jpgI just checked DP and saw that i was cleared to edit my signature. im an offical dp member now. so in honor of this milestone i will hold a contest. obviously cause im a bloggernoob i don’t have much money. also im very very cheap. so the prize is 5 dollars. but its real easy. just post a comment on this post and pm me the name you used for the comment. thats about the easiest five bucks anybody can make this day and age. I got this idea from someone else on dp. thanks guy for the idea. hold up…i just looked up his name, doomm. thanks doomm. message to the contestants. remember that blogging is fun. but it also takes commitment. can’t be lazy and can’t be wishy washy about doing it or not. gotta decide that you want to do this for the long haul. “karate yes…karate no…karate maybe so…Quish squash like grape” that is not mine that is miyagi

23 thoughts on “bloggernoob’s first contest

  1. Debo Hobo

    Good luck with the contest. When I ran my contest I posted it at ss well and they sent me a bit of traffic. Hope that helps & I hope I win even though I may have put my foot in my mouth on that last post comment. Well anyway keep up the great work here. See Ya! :) LOL

  2. kfg20012003

    Seems that u are a good blogger.I am glad u have come out with a good contest to DP members..great going and i wish u all success with ur blog.Bye lol

  3. Ghost.d0wn

    Hey, very nice contest you got going. Welcome to DP Forum as well, always good to see some new faces joining. Actually, I am a writer and maybe I can help you with some blog posts, my name here is the same on DP so if you are interested, get in touch!


  4. Timmaaaay

    Welcome to DP bloggernoob! :) Good luck with the blog man, hopes it suceeds. Cool idea for a contest :D.

  5. F.Q.T

    Hey Bloggernoob…. Glad to see you on DP… G’luck with the contest…

    BTW: If anyone reading this didn’t see the “Wedgie Proof Underwear” YouTube clib on BloggerNoob’s blog, go back and check it out… funny stuff.

  6. Adil

    My best wishes to you. I am also a dp official member today. I have also edited my signature. Gr8 way to promote your blog. BTW you have got a nice looking blog.

  7. carolina dodge

    Just a fast hello and also to thank you for discussing your ideas on this web page. I wound up in your weblog right after researching physical fitness connected issues on Yahoo… guess I lost track of what I had been performing! Anyway I’ll be back once again inside the future to examine out your blogposts down the road. Thanks!

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