BloggerNoob’s income after 100 days

100.jpgI’m late but here’s my income report 100 days of blogging. I love doing these income reports cause this informs other noobs out there that making money online with your blog is totally possible. I think it’s a great way for people to see how monetization is possible. It also is a great way to get some referral income. I see a spike in referrals every time i do one of these income reports. I should do one every week instead of every month. I would have done this sooner, but i was away from the noobcave. This income report is not just for the month of January, it is my total earning. The end of January marks BloggerNoob dot com’s 100 day anniversary. I started this blog in July 2007, but didn’t work on it until October 20th. If you want to see how much i made in Janurary of 2008, just minus the total income from 2007 from this report.

Paid Plugs

Payperpost– 794.78 + 57 referrals($15 each) $855 = $1649.78

Smorty– 42 + 17 referrals($5 each) 85 = $127

Sponsoredreviews– 466.70 + 42 blog referrals($10 each) 420 + 5 advertiser referrals($25 each) 125 = $1011.70

Blogtoprofit- $25.00

Bloggerwave- $10.00

blogsvertise– $5.00

Money4blogs- $35.00


Commission Junction– $832.99

PPC/Signup Bonus/referrals

Adbrite– $0.32

Widgetbucks– $25.00

Auctionads– $25.00

Textlinkads- $25.00

BloggerNoob Ads

Private ads- 18 + 60 + 35 = $113.00

TOTAL- $3859.79

Not bad for a newb make money blogger! I changed up the sponsored review referral average. The $5 i used for my last income report was way too low. I’ve received payment for referral on both payperpost and sponsored reviews. I still have a lot of payments that are pending. I recently got paid by Textlinkads, which was a total surprise. I guess i’ll start posting about them in the future. I haven’t received anything from widgetbucks or auctionads. Both are pretty sucky programs. adbrite sucks too. If you have any questions or suggestions for me, please let me know via my comment section below. If you like what i’m doing, maybe you should subscribe to my RSS feed.

62 thoughts on “BloggerNoob’s income after 100 days

  1. killian

    that is pretty good, almost 4k for a few months of work, and well, congratulations!
    I hope I’ll be able to make as much as that very soon 😀

  2. the noob Post author

    killian- i haven’t received all of that yet, but i did get some nice aff checks and got paid over a thousand already on via paypal. i bought my plane tickets with my blogging money. :) and i still have like 700 in my acct. i guess i better do some more contests! :)

  3. the noob Post author

    forrest- not amazing. I’ve had to work for it. i did a lot of paid posting and affiliate pushing. i worked on it offline too. i pushed some of my offline friends to start blogging. 1500 dollars a month is possible if you work on it everyday for a few hours. I don’t blog fulltime, i have several offline businesses. i work on average of an hour a day on bloggernoob dot com.

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  5. the noob Post author

    ryan- thanks man. i still have to wait for the referral payments, but i still consider it income.

    witchypoo- no not yet. the wedding is in April. but thanks for the premature congrats. :)

  6. the noob Post author

    icekool- theres not much to it really. i write little traffic tips all the time on bloggernoob. and in my income report, i have all the program links that i make money off of. if you want more info, you can email me and i’ll try to point you to some of my posts or other blogger’s articles.

    renee- thanks. blog about blogging or make money blog are pretty good for monetizing, but it take a lot of hard work to get it set up. it’s probably cause there are so many make money blogs already.

    living on adsense- yes. all the the income is from bloggernoob. i have other blogs, but i don’t report income from my other blogs on bloggernoob dot com.

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  9. the noob Post author

    exinco- thanks. it was a lot of writing, researching, and trail and error, but if you devote enough time and energy to it, making a few bucks on the side is totally possible. i’m glad it inspired u. that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  10. mert

    Congratulations noob, you are certainly on fire but you have to admit that you have some luck on your side. How did you promote your website btw? in just 100 days wow!!

  11. the noob Post author

    mert- i’ve had more then some luck on my side. i’d rather be lucky then good. ;). i promoted it like a true noob. in the beginning, i wasn’t very successful. but after a while i got into the swing of things. blogcatalog, digitalpoint, entrecard were the sites that were most helpful. and i did a lot of blog visiting and a lot of leaving comments.

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  13. Simonne

    Hey, I can imagine how much time you put into writing all those sponsored posts. Anyway, the result sounds good, so way to go!

  14. the noob Post author

    dee- thanks. what country are you from. i gotta move there.

    simonne- yeah i do a lot of posts. gotta put in the work to make the dollars. :)

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  16. Anna

    Wow! I’m amazed. I guess I’m going to have to read your blog more often to figure out how I can start making more money.

    By the way – loved the Lego man video.

  17. the noob Post author

    anna- haha. yeah im just a little kid. that loves to play with legos. barbies too. thanks for stopping by my blog and i hope to see you again. :)

  18. Ian

    Nice work noob.THE internet is my life.I have always browsed the net for hours,clicking and buying.That is,making money for other people.But Since reading your site,I have decided to make money myself.I’m totally impressed by your income.I would like some one on one tutoring from you if possible.My blog is Self-Development For Smart People.

  19. bloggernoob

    ian- thanks. yeah the internet is like crack. don’t think i could live without it. i surf from my desktop, laptop, and phone. damn u al gore, for inventing such an addictive thing. email me with any questions you have. we could probably work some one on one out. :) my email is

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  22. Ray

    This is great! Congrats….I have one question. How much are your expenses per month? Also, are you blogging full time or still part time?

    Ok…so its 2 questions…..

    Take care!

  23. the noob Post author

    ray- thanks. i spend around 50-150 bucks a month. this includes, hosting and some light promotion…contests, prizes, buying entrecards, etc. most of that is prizes i give out. hosting cost less then 10 bucks.

  24. NaijaEcash

    Quite impressive. I am challenged. This is another reason why I will want you to be my mentor. Not that I want to share from the income, no, I want to learn from your experience. Waiting to hear from you 😉

  25. the noob Post author

    naija- thanks. it’s no biggie tho. nothing that anybody else can’t do. just takes time and patience and a willingness to learn. if you can fail fail fail but keep trying, you’ll make money online. hit me up and i’ll help you out. my email is

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  29. m.dinesh

    Hey its really gread bloggernoob,
    I havent made atleast 10$ till nowin my three months of blogging,
    I just made 1.09$ till now.
    I hope one day i will become like you.

  30. the noob Post author

    mr nice guy- thanks nice guy. i appreciate it!

    m dinesh- just don’t give up and you’ll probably end up making more money then me. 😉

  31. the noob Post author

    paul- the income i state here are from i have other websites, but i keep my income reports seperate. 😉

  32. Jeff Ando

    Cute picture noob Looks like you’re doin pretty good! Keep up the good work! Baby needs a new pair of shoes :)Show me the Money!!! :)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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  34. mikerambling

    just found the site, i like to see when blogger posted their income report, at least i know the attainable amount ( if we put lots of work that is ) 😉 thanks for sharing,

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  37. bugtong na may sagot

    i have few blogs. before i am using adbrite. but your adbrite ads is different from mine. mine says advertise here. i think since your ranking is higher and you more traffic thats why you have an ads on your site. nice site!!

  38. Clickbank Scam

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