BloggerNoob’s phishing scare

phishing.jpgYesterday i had a phishing scare. What is phishing? It’s one of the internet’s biggest threats. Scammers send you an email that looks like a legitimate email from a reputable company. Could be a bank, ebay, paypal. The one i received was from a fake paypal email. It doesn’t just have to be email, it could be a fake website too. They usually ask you to login and or get your login and password from you somehow.

Because, i’ve been a victim of this before, i knew what to do. I had my ebay accounted stolen from me cause of phishing. The email looked so real. I thought i was giving the information to ebay.

Yesterday, i received a notice from a fake paypal email address. It looked real. Said, But it had a charge i wasn’t familiar with, and after i logged on to paypal, i saw that there was so such charge. I quickly sent forwarded the email to paypal to confirm and they told me it was phishing.

Be organized so you can spot suspicius looking email. Report ASAP to the legitimate authorities. Don’t fall victim to phishing scams.

10 thoughts on “BloggerNoob’s phishing scare

  1. Sean Morris

    Gmail , will show you if they think the message is a phishing message. A way to report it right from your email.

    That and Firefox hopefully keep people from falling for the phishing scams.

  2. Blogtommy

    The Rookie’s rule is sound. 99% of the ebay, paypal, bank emails I receive are phishermen. I Don’t even bother going to the real accounts anymore, especially from an email link…never, never, never trust those. If you must know, close out completely and pull it up separately. If it’s terribly important, the legitimate folks will continue to try to reach you. Also, always look for the secure lock at the bottom of your browser is another little hint to consider. Cool intro phisher/fisherman pic by the way.


  3. the noob Post author

    sean morris- i didn’t know i could do thst with gmail. thanks for the heads up.

    notjohnchow- yup some people are just nasty.

    rookie- that’s a great rule. i must get in the habit of doing that.

    blogtommy-yeah rook’s point is dead on. checking for the lock is a good tip too.

  4. Jack Payne

    Yeah, getting out of hand. I write on this stuff all the time–my blog is full of this con man stuff, how to detect, avoid, protect, etc.

    If you’re not careful on the internet these days your main source of income can quickly become the pawn shop.

  5. the noob Post author

    2sweetnsaxy-yup. always be on guard.

    jackpayne-Gotta protect your identity. Never give out any personal info…and never login via email.

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