Bloggers can learn from the Box Office

idiots.jpgI went to watch a movie last night. The Noob is a big movie buff and haven’t yet seen No Country for Old Men. Since it was Saturday night, the ticket window was jam packed with people. I looked at the marquee and noticed a lot of the new movies were complete crap. So i figured most of these people lined up were going to watch these crappy films. I head into the theater and sure enough, all the people were lined up for Meet the Spartans and other shit movies.

Box office hits usually are the crappiest films. Generally speaking, the films that make the most money are giant commercials. They are able to attract huge masses of idiots to the theater cause they market the hell out of it. Spiderman 1, 2, 3, 4. Rambo 1, 2, 3, 4. Scarymovie 1, 2, 3, 4. And now Rambo. These are all the same movies. They just repackage the same old shit and give it to the audience. They cross promote spiderman with toys and cereal boxes and we become brainwashed. They get paid cause of movie goers are brain dead idiots. Same with blogging. Most of the popular blogs are pretty aweful. It’s not just the make money blogs either. I respect how the blogs were able to get popular, but it wasn’t cause it good. Probably just timing and luck. I respect luck. I’d rather be lucky then good anyday, but we can’t control luck, so we have to focus on being good. Anyway…

Perezhilton sucks. Just a few celeb pics with one caption? It’s like abstract art. Any idiot can do it. Icanhascheezburger. Same thing, a few cat pictures with one caption. I guess it’s really important to know your audience. And they are probably idiots. Cause generally speaking, most people are.

Look at the state of American media. TV is dominated by “reality TV” I don’t know why people are drawn to fat people losing weight or models competing to become a supermodel. And all of these dating shows…come on! But people love it. Movies, i mentioned above about the quality of recent movies. Complete crap. Internet, look at the most popular websites. It’s social networking sites. Myspace and facebook are filled with idiots posting pictures of themselves and boasting about how great they are. Why are we letting 12 year olds dominate out media. Why is it that the majority of people in the states think like 12 year olds. Maybe cause after a hard days work, you just want to be distracted. You don’t want to think or reason after 8 hours of pushing paper.

I think you should think about this when you’re setting up a blog. Don’t make it too smart. People won’t like it. You have to dumb it down a bit for your audience. If what you write makes too much sense, people will click away. So try to flash it up. Put some bling. Show some tits. Say cunt and Mo Fo alot. The 12 year old brain loves it. Sell over priced stuff. Create hype.

All you need is one hit. If you get one website to go big time, you’re set for life. You can keep making money off of that. Every website you set up, you can reference that big 100k check. Next time you go to the theater, look at how many idiots are waiting in line. Are you one of those idiots? If you are, it’s ok, you’ll probably make more money then the smart people. And that’s what it’s all about right?

14 thoughts on “Bloggers can learn from the Box Office

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  2. witchypoo

    I dunno. I just like to tell stories. I did exceed my bandwidth for the first time today, so soon I will want to put ads on to pay for my extra hosting fees. I don’t have 201 subscribers though. Still, I only started in November.

  3. Richard Abelson

    Well I guess its a question of if you want to cast your pearls before swine.

    I’m of the opinion that if you go to the level of the general public what does that make you?

    I would rather write correct and true posts. If the public can’t figure it out then thats their loss.

    I guess those movie makers had to ask themselves the question if they wanted to make money from crap. Money is good to have, but making money from crap in my opinion isn’t very satisfying.

  4. Chica

    Ya know, your right. With the way the world is today, they are attracted to trauma, sexiness, and utter morons. But I won’t lower myself to anything just to please my readers. :)

  5. Increase Traffic

    Reality TV sucks..!! Imagine all those stupid acting like stupid And all those stupids watching the stupidity of the stupids..!! Hah..!! There you go..I’ve said it..!!

    Hey Noob, why lately i can see you’re not updating your post to the maximum? Always drop by to your site but seen nothing other than old post.. Hmm.. Busy, maybe? :)

  6. the noob Post author

    justin- not a fan of TV. i love movies tho. and not a fan of social networking sites. but if i could go back in time, you’d bet your arse i’d set up a myspace. but who knows, it could turn out like friendster or xanga.

    witchypoo- exceeding your bandwitd is awesome. it’s like when a basketball player breaks the glasss backboard with a dunk. Slows down the game for a bit but u have Bragging rights baby!

    richard- good point. but honestly, i’d rather pretend to be stupid and rich, then smart and poor. being poor is hard.

    chica- that’s awesome chia. but one thing, i noticed on your favorite…that you love reality TV. *shanking my head* it’s all good, i still think ur cool. my little brother loves reality tv. his fav, american idol. I think he’ll come out of the closet soon.

    increasetraffic- yeah been a bit busy. i’m getting married bro.

  7. JustChris

    I’ve got a good way to tell how to avoid a movie: If the title uses a big, red font with white outlines, don’t waste your time. You can develop a knee-jerk response to it!

    I can see what you mean when it comes to dumbing down for the audience. MySpace and YouTube are general interest sits. You can find a lot of cool and interesting videos on YouTube, but it’s one of the worst places to discuss things. Maybe that’s why it has no forums.

  8. the noob Post author

    justchris- i think dumbing down happens in all form of media. I think as individuals, we are all very smart and reasonable. but as a collective, we are fat and lazy. we don’t think to think and we jump on the bandwagon fast. as a collective we let one or a few people decide for us. i live in america and the problem is, our policat leader is an idiot. our media reps are all shit, and our culture is being consumed by trash. think paris hilton, mtv, reality tv.

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  11. Vincenzo Mcculla

    I have a small clip from the Paris Hilton movie on my blog. To bad it got relased onto the net for everyone to view. She did not want it to be public as it was her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon that made it.

  12. Alberto Laisure

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