Bloggers should help not hate

hate.jpgI was talking to a random stranger i met at the wedding bridal dress shop. The stranger was the father of the bride. I was sitting there playing with my iphone and he started asking me about the iphone. Then we got to talking about Fiji. Then we got to talking about real estate development. Then we got to talking about how people usually hate each other when we should be helping each other.

Competition and jealousy fuels us sometimes, but most times, it acts as a depressant. It keeps us from reaching out potential and it creates bad energy. If i own a Bridal dress shop, i’ll not talk about other bridal dress shops. I’ll have all of these business cards of photo studios and makeup places cause i know i’ll get referral kickbacks, but you won’t see any ads regarding other bridal gown places. Competition. Don’t want to advertise shops that can potential take away my customer. Blogging is similar but different.

Make money bloggers advertise mainly on make money blog. Make money blogs make money off other lessor make money bloggers. When i start doing private ads, i’ll be making money off of make money bloggers that are more noobie then I. Johnchow makes money off of noob make money bloggers etc.

I have my eye out of around 4 or 5 blogs that i feel are similar to mine. The style and content are different, but our blogs are all evenly ranked and traffic is similar. These blog, i should actually be helping and they should be helping me to get to the next level. But the reverse happens. I never want to mention those blogs, for fear of losing my readers to them or for fear of losing to them in the ranks. This is very silly and immature, but i think most bloggers do this. The reason is cause of the pyramid like structure of make money blogs. We view ad dollars to be fixed and limited. But it’s not like that. New make money blogs are created everyday. Most will not make a dime, but a few will grow to a level where they’ll pay for ads. These are the fish us middle level bloggers should be catching. More reason for middle level bloggers to help each other out. We don’t want the fish to be caught by johnchow. We should combine voltron like forces to catch the fish before it gets to johnchow.

11 thoughts on “Bloggers should help not hate

  1. Nick - road2blogging

    I think a lot of us noobs are a little scared of losing readers to another blog, but I always stand by my understanding of bloggers – that we’re all different and we all write similar things in different ways. It’s like the call half full/half empty scenario and that people have different opinions on. I keep many other noobs who have started before and after me on my radar because its good to see when someone else is doing well, it always gives me the determination to drive towards my own targets.

    A great post btw.

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  3. Bruce

    Well said. I don’t really understand this. All RSS readers can have more than one blog in them. My reader has a lot of sites and while I don’t read everyone of them every day, I do keep going back and catching new posts. If you offer something unique then you really don’t have to worry about losing a reader, Of course if you don’t network with others like yo then you may lose a lot more down the road. Blogging is a collaboration not a vacuum.

  4. the noob Post author

    nick- good point nick. i try not to get jealous, but i guess it’s only natural, being a sinful man. but i try to visit and help out as much as i can.

    bruce- blogging is a collaboration not a vacuum. i like that. it’s totally true, the internet is filled with so many people, so much room for everyone to make a few bucks.

  5. eastcoastlife

    I come across many bloggers who are good with graphics and money making ideas. When I ask them to share, they usually ignore me.

    I’m not a money making blog. I don’t do any paid posts until I started reading money making blogs in Entrecard. I’m glad you were willing to review my blog.

  6. Sonia Simone

    Nice post! I think it is important to work out what’s unique about your own blog, and that can help you relax a little about supporting other similar blogs. Hugh McLeod and Seth Godin often write about the same stuff, but they’re each offering it up in a different way and they share a lot of loyal readers.

  7. Annie

    Even though you may be posting similar info as other bloggers, as long as you have something about you that makes you a little different, your readers will stay with you.

  8. Debby Banning

    “I never want to mention those blogs, for fear of losing my readers to them or for fear of losing to them in the ranks.”

    I attended Blog Orlando last September and I asked about this very thing.

    I was in fear of linking to my favorite blog for fear of losing the reader. I was encouraged to link to them. It will build your rank by linking to them. If you have unique content your readers will come back. Most people don’t just read one blog. We all have RSS readers set up with all of our favorite blogs. I encourage you to talk about other bloggers and link to them.

  9. the noob Post author

    eastcoastlife- no problem about reviewin gyour blog. that’s what us noob should do. help each other. i’m glad you are starting to make a few buck with your blog now. isn’t it cool?

    soniasimone- very good point. i think fear of losing readership is a phobia. meaning there is not rational justification of that fear. reader won’t ditch you just cause you mention a similar blog.

    kina- err. i was. my wife to be gets pretty annoyed by my wedding dress fetish. she says it’s embarassing. she doesn’t like taking me out in public.

    annie- yeah i think so. or if the reader find better info elsewhere, power to him and her. the point is we shouldn’t think of other smaller and medium blogs as competition. the big guys are our competition. we need to combine forces and help each other. like the power rangers. one ranger doesn’t do much. but when all the mighty morphin power rangers combine forces. they can’t be stopped.

    debby banning- was the convention useful? how much did you pay for it. i’m kind of anti conventions…but if it helped…i have no problem with it. so long as you didn’t get ripped off. as long as you didn’t have to pay like 1500 for the ticket. but yeah. this topic is something that a lot of noobs fear. i do link and talk about other blogs. i will try to do more in the comming months. but the only problem is, not a lot of blogs in my niche(make money blogs) are any good. i do give props to the ones i like. bloggerunleashed, griz, coutneytuttle, doshdosh

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