Blogging and High School

high_school.jpgMake money blogging is like high school. You have the popular kids, and you have the quiet nerds. You have band dorks and the junkies. But instead of athletic prowess, or physical beauty, your popularity is based on how much money you claim to make. Make sense, considering that make money blogs are all about showing you the money.

Like high school, blogging popularity has to do with the superficial. The guy with the new sports car is considered cool. The girl that sleeps with all the guys is popular. The captain of the football team and the captain of the cheer squad are usually the most popular.

How do you become a member of the popular squad? I guess you have to start out like the mysterious new kid. The new guy that seems edgy. Kinda dangerous. Think Dylan Mckay from Beverly Hills 90210. You should go that route. Don’t try to suck up to the popular guys, cause that’ll just make you one of their bitches. The guy that follows them around but never becomes part of their in group.

You would think that the medium of blogging would be less superficial. But because people are the ones who blog, and make blogs popular, that isn’t the case. The important discussions or info are rarely read. Blogs that are useful aren’t that popular. In my opinion, Court and Grizz should have the income and pull of johnchow and shoemoney. Court and Grizz have popular blogs, but doesn’t get the attention like chow. It’s a damn shame really.

When starting or growing your blog, treat it like you’re the new kid at school. In the beginning, you’re gonna eat your lunch by yourself next to the parking lot. Nobody’s gonna even care about you. But you’ll start making new friends. It’ll be in class. It’ll be when you make one on one interactions. It won’t be by sucking up to the captain of the football team during lunch time. Heck, the most popular kid won’t even acknowledge you in the beginning.

Everybody says that writing good content is the only way. But this isn’t true either. I wish it were true. Then there would be less trash in the blogosphere. But if it were true, I probably wouldn’t been too intimidated to start my blog. And I would stress everytime I wrote a post. The fact of the matter is, flash sells. Sex sells. Quality content does not. It’s a hard sell. You need quality content to keep your visitors, but you won’t get visitors with content. You’ll get new visitors with flash. That’s why people run contests. That’s why people try to show off a new design. That’s why people post income reports or pictures of fancy cars on their blog. It’s to show off. Think superficial, if you want to become a popular blog.

14 thoughts on “Blogging and High School

  1. Funked

    I think you’re rite, Shit! I’m kissing ass.

    All those popular blogs making crap loads of money, hardly ever post anything helpful to help beginners like me.

    All you ever see are Affiliate company reviews, dinner pictures and guest posts about ”why I wont visit your blog’.’I honestly don’t think it’s the content that attracts them, it’s like you said. Sex sells, people come to check out monthly incomes etc.

    It’s a shame really, but that’s just the way it is. I’ve definitely started the way I blog these days. Posting quality content 24/7 just bores most people I guess so all these brilliant blogs packed full of helpful posts always get shoved aside.

  2. the noob Post author

    funked- sorry, i forget to put the link. this was a draft post and i forget to add the links in the draft. i have added the links. court and grizz have blogs that have solid content. very helpful. you’ll learn something on these blogs.

  3. Grizzly

    Hey thanks Noob. I am still waiting to hear someone tell me what the attraction is to Chow’s blog – are that many people really interested in Vancouver’s fine dining? Lol.

  4. Jared Stenzel

    Way to compare it to high school. I was actually hoping there was a blog suggestion on how to monetize being a high school student 😉 Nonetheless if blogging was strictly about the content, no offense chow, you’d be in the shitter with your recent posts.

  5. the noob Post author

    funked- yup. but the popular make money blogs are good for one thing. i looked at ron jeremy’s google check and i wanted to start blogging. i saw johnchow’s income report and said, i want some of that. and cause those blogs aren’t well written, it makes people think it’s easy to do. any idiot can write what they write. I think that’s what it’s good for. get’s people blogging. but because people discover it’s hard to grow a blog, most quit. i wish they stopped posting about affiliate conventions. or pics of them with other bloggers. it’s so gay. i’d rather look at a picture of some soup then a make money blog dork.

    grizz- i think it’s cause he’s already famous. he could start writing about penile enlargement pills, and he would still be known as one of the most popular make money bloggers. if he wrote about dicks. i would read his blog more often. at least if i ever head over to vancouver, i’ll know where to eat. :)

    jared- ur in hs? that’s cool man. didn’t know. im sure monetizing is same, for high schooler and old putrid guys like me. u can cuzz out chow on my blog. i don’t mind.

  6. mike

    It is like whoever made it big first in the blogging world, everyone wants to see regardless of what content they put out.

  7. katy

    But even if you have great content, but no one comes to read it, it’s discouraging to keep trying. What do you do?

    It’s like you want to play football, but the captain of the football team won’t look at you, and you’ve only got 3 friends. How are you ever going to get to play a real game of football?

  8. the noob Post author

    katy- nice use of my analogy to ask a question. :) You make a good point. In the beginning, it’s hard to generate traffic. Blogging isn’t not blogging when the only person reading it is you and your mom. That’s text messaging.

    If your blog has very low traffic, then you gotta set up a few good posts, and then work on traffic. you have to have good content for when traffic comes your way. as far as free traffic sources, you can start with entrecard, blogcatalog, mybloglog, digitalpoint. Built up your traffic one at a time. Visit blogs and leave comments that are useful. Slowly, but surely, they will start to come. if you have 3 visitors, then you can’t play a regular game of football, but you can still toss the ball around. do what i mention and you’ll start getting visitors one by one. and before you know it, you won’t be just tossing the ball around. you’ll have enough visitors to play a real game of football.

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