Blogging and working out

make money online with elisha duskuBlogging is so similar to working out. When you get in a groove, it’s easy to update often. Just like working out, when you get over the initial hump, it’s easy to hit the gym on a regular basis. And just like working out, once you fall off the wagon, it’s harder then hell to jump back on. When i started this blog, i updated religiously. I would constantly check my stats and research ways to get more visitors to this blog. I wanted this blog to be a super cool blog. I wanted to hand out free stuff to my visitors and i wanted bloggernoob dot com to be a place that people could actually learn how to make money online. I don’t think this way anymore. I still consider this blog to be my baby, but i have other blogs to tend to. I need to divide my time wisely. I have to pace myself so that i can keep updating this blog at a realistic rate.

Do you guys know what a baby Christian is? Baby Christians are newly saved Christians. People who get saved feel passionate about the Bible. They want to learn and they want to go to church. This doesn’t last that long. You get over this phase and it starts becoming a drag to go to church. You don’t read the bible and you might even go back to your sinful ways. Anyway, don’t be like that. Whether you worship God, or the devil, you should do so at a medium pace. If you blog for money or for glory, do so at a medium pace.

Don’t get too carried away with you blog. Learn to pace yourself. If you go full throttle from the get go, you won’t have enough juice to finish the race. Noob out!

4 thoughts on “Blogging and working out

  1. Chelle

    I had to laugh at the line “Whether you worship God, or the devil, you should do so at a medium pace” – I don’t know why, but that seemed funny to me.

    I have learned its tough to manage more than just a couple sites. I was working for the past few weeks trying to redesign IMBL and it sucked out all of my energy to bother with link building or writing for any of the sites…

    Last night I finally threw in the towel after finding an awesome $20 premium themes club (I wrote a post more about it, but seriously for anybody who has a lot of sites that you want to look awesome, you can’t get a better deal!)

    Anyways, with that all behind me, hopefully now I’ll get back to the important stuff of writing content to attract people that click on ads :)

  2. internet wealth report

    Great Advice, but im afraid it was too late, i learned the hard way :(

    i was posting about 5 times a day, soon enough i ran out of things to write about, now i only post to each blog once every 2 days, i find it works better, as i now have things to talk about and i conducted a survey of my visitors, this voted once every 2 days.

    so thats the way it is now, its also much less stressful

    Great post

  3. Nich

    I still found this blog awesome, is it probably related to a picture of an attractive woman?

    hee,hee no need to feel down, I know the feeling. it’s not easy to tend multiple-blogs, you get unjust coz the new one enthusiaze you even more.

    just make sure you don’t ran out of things to talk about in this blog, that would be a disaster.

  4. the noob Post author

    chelle- haha thanks. it’s normal for use to lose the juice. that’s why as shallow as it sounds, it’s important to make money off of your blog. this will kind of force you to keep pressing. I haven’t done comments for a long time, cause i’ve been so busy and drained, but doing it today, i am reminded of how much fun blogging is. I love chatting with other bloggers. 😉

    internet wealth report- posting 5 times a day will do that to ya. 😉 u know what tho, if you keep at it, your site will grow. Guys that set up techcrunch and gizmodo had that type of work ethic. 😉 just need to find some balance tho.

    nich- thanks. yeah, attractive women are cool. just gotta keep on truckin

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