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blogging-cliques.JPGCliques are an exclusive groups of people that we see in every type of group setting. We see them in schools, at the office, and at church. It’s no different in the blogosphere. Blogging cliques can be seen at sites like Digg or webmaster forums. When you’re starting out, it’s hard to penetrate these different cliques. You can try to join discussion but sometimes you’ll feel unnoticed cause they already formed a clique. Networking is one of the most important things with blogging. How are you supposed to network when established bloggers won’t let you join their cliques? Just keep blogging that’s how. If you keep writing quality posts, you’ll start growing a reader base. Once you get a reader base, so called “established bloggers” will notice you. They’ll be forced to let you in their clique. By that time, maybe you’ll discover that you don’t want to join their clique. I’ve tried emailing and contacting a few medium bloggers when i first started bloggernoob. Some ignored me until my blog started getting regular hits. Now they initiate the emails. I sometimes ignore them. Not out of spite, but out of choice. I’ve gone to set up my own clique with other newbie bloggers. I guess it’s a natural reaction to ignore a blogger who once ignored you. I remember how it was so i try very hard to answer every email and comment. I don’t want to lose out on the valuable connections i could make by helping out a blogger in his early stages. Even if by some odd chance that this blog grows super big, i’ll still answer each and every email and comment. So long as it’s not spam. As long as you’re not trying to sell me anything, i’ll answer your questions and comments. I think there are a lot of quality blogs in the current blog market. But, i also know that a new super blogger is born everyday. I want to be a part of it’s growth. If someone comments on your blog, acknowledge them with a reply comment. If someone emails you, answer them ASAP. Even if they just started blogging, and every if their blog sucks. Who knows, they could turn it around and out-blog you a few months later. This will help you make new friends, and help your grow your blog. It will also help you make money with you blog. And, it’s good karma.

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