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noob.jpgMy previous post about buying ads got more requests then i expected. I wanted to offer up something new for other bloggers. Since we are all busy trying to make money, we sometimes forget that we need to give back as well. I stated in my earlier post that i wanted to buy ads from my readers. Thanks to you guys who showed interest. Some of you requested a price higher then my budget would allow. I want to buy ads from everyone who showed interested so i set a set price of $5. I’ll understand if the guys who quoted a higher price reject my offer. Sometime money issues get personal, but please don’t be offended at my request for $5 dollar ads. Anyway…above is my 125×125 ad. Please email me your paypal email so i can send the $5 to you for the ads. Please leave me a comment when my ad is up. I’ll send the payment after i check that my ad is up.

Here’s some link love to the guys who showed interest.

19 thoughts on “BloggNoob buying ads

  1. Erz

    Hi Noob,

    Good idea and I’ve decided to let you have the ad for this month for this special price. Your ad is up already. My Paypal is the same as my email address. Thanks!

  2. Wendy

    Took me forever to get it up but it is up. Tell you what though my friend Keep your money

    Your face looks great on my site. Hope you get some more hits


  3. bloggernoob

    killian-coo. i’ll send u payment in 24-48 hours.

    erz- thanks for the special price. :) i love it when prices are special. i want to wait until more people reply so i can send the payment out all at once. i’ll do it within 24-48 hours. thanks.

    wendy- thanks wendy. u like my creepy baby mug? thanks wendy. your gesture will be remembered. :)

    chica- i would insist u take the money, but i know how stubborn u can get so i won’t bother. thanks chica. :)

  4. Raven

    Noob … I’m taking the liberty of placing your ad on my blog, but no need to pay since I’ll consider it a form of friendly blog bartering for ad space.

  5. Wendy

    Love your creepy baby mug

    Not sure if you use Firefox or IE.

    In Firefox it threw the sidebar out some. Any suggestions as to how I can fix that??

  6. the noob Post author

    guys, i’m so sorry about the delay in payment. i’m heading to the airport now. I’ll get all the payments out when i get to my place in Chicago. thanks for the ads. just wanted to let you guys know that i haven’t forget about the payment. :)

  7. the noob Post author

    sorry i was late in sending the paypal payments. but all of the ad payments have now been sent. I checked the ads and they all look great. clint. i don’t see my ad on your blog now. that’s not very cool. good thing i checked to see if the ad was still there. thanks wendy and chica and raven for the free ads!

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