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blogsquared.jpgI wrote about the importance about multiple blogs. In my last post, i left out the most important reason. Urgency grows your blog. Being hungry to grow your blog makes you grow you blog faster then the lazy blogger. Everybody wants to make a few dollars by blogging, but people don’t want to put in the effort. They are focused on the future. They want to learn how to blog first. They want to grow one blog first. Yadda yadda yadda.

If you want to make money with multiple blogs, you better set those multiple blogs up now. Don’t say i’ll do it tomorrow. Don’t say that you need to learn first. Do it now! Rolling stone gathers no moss. There must be like a hundred of these type of sayings. It’s cause it’s true. Keeping busy and not putting things off is one of the most important traits to success. If you want to make money with you blog. You better be determined or else you will fail. If you’re half assed about it, you will fail. Why? Cause there are millions of half assed blogs out there. You won’t be able to separate from the pack. You’ll just be another wordpress blog.

What i know of business is this. If you want to become a millionaire, you can either sell one thing for a million dollars, or sell a million things for a dollar. Both will yield you a million bucks. Blogging is no different. If you have a monster blog like johnchow, you’ll make you million soon enough. But if you’re thinking of doing what he does, you should quit blogging. John’s blog is a mystery. Every respectable blogger will tell you that john can’t even repeat the success of his johnchow blog. So why waste your time trying to be like him. Instead of trying to make a million with one blog, you should focus your attention on the other option.

Set up multiple blogs. Go the “sell a million things for a dollar each” route. I’m not saying that you should set up a million blogs. No one could do that. But i’m saying that you should play the numbers. Set up ten blogs that make a hundred dollars/month each. Why should you do this now? What’s the rush? Incase you haven’t noticed, blogging is done online. Internet venture are fast and you never know what new technology will bring. Milk it while it’s still hot. Blogs are hot, but one day it’ll be obsolete. So get in early and make money while theres still money to be made.

Everything i said above is true. But the most important reason why you should set up multiple blogs now is that, it will help you when you decide to work on them later. If you are holding off cause you want to learn first. I respect that. But, it’ll be better to set up your blogs with a page of content now, so you can work on them later. Having something up now, will make it easier for you to build up. For example, if i’m going to build a house on an old parking lot. I could just fence the place and start building when i have time. Or, i could set up the foundation first, and then fence it up to start building later. Which option will make it easier for me to build a house later? Of course, you can argue, that you might make design changes for the foundation. In which case, you wasted your time with the first foundation. To those of you who take this stance, i say, “Don’t be a smart ass!”

Time is important to all of us. We don’t want to do things that we feel might waste our time. But if you think about it. Setting up a new blog everyday doesn’t require a lot of time. Don’t update them. Just have them up. All it takes is a few clicks and a few paragraphs of text.

15 thoughts on “Blogs squared now

  1. Mattaw

    Said like a true blogger. I can’t agree more. Its super important to be one step ahead of the game. Because as the noob said, who knows what will happen once blogs are obsolete. MILK IT WHILE IT LASTS!

  2. charlie

    I don’t like the idea of setting up too many blogs. I’d rather deal with one major blog that incorporates a broader subject than ten minor specific blogs.

    The upkeep for even five blogs is high, especially if you want to have quality blogs. If your goal isn’t having a quality blog, than how will you keep your focus? If you post a new article each day not caring about quality, you will definitely get tired of it.

    Sure, it’s good to diversify, don’t “put your eggs in one basket.” If you are going to make multiple blogs, I’d weed out the weaker blogs after a month because you’ll probably find yourself getting really unmotivated with some of the blogs.

  3. the noob Post author

    charlie- i can see what your saying. i too have about three major blogs. and the rest are minor. but surprisingly, i get traffic and make a few bucks with my minors. so with that in mind, i think monetization with multiple blogs can help bloggers make more money. my point is that it’s not that hard to set up minor blogs, so why not? if it makes money right?

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  5. Mike

    Very nice post. Everyone should write about what they know. Even if one of your blogs is smaller, someone may find it very interesting and want to link up or spread the word about it.

  6. the noob Post author

    mike- thanks. if you try to start writing on a topic you don’t know well, or have no interest in, you’ll end up abandoning the blog. writing is hard enough, don’t add the obstacle of apathy.

    2sweetnsaxy- thanks. check out what?

  7. Juha Ylitalo

    Regarding one major blog vs. number of smaller blogs, I would assume that its whole lot easier to get people subscribe to smaller blogs that stick to one topic than to one big blog, which one day talks about hiking in Rocky mountains, next day talks about what kind of tweaking you have to do MySQL database to get best performance out of it and day after that tries to make comparison between hybrid car and SUV.

  8. bloggernoob

    juha- are you talking about one of your blogs? i rather enjoy those three topics. :) i’m a firm believer in multiples, multiple blogs, multiple meals, multiple checks, multiple orgasm. just a big fan of multiples. i think if you can find a way of not spending too much time on a blog, multiply that by 10, you could probably make about a hundred bucks a day by blogging. bloggernoob, in it’s 4th month is making an average of 39 dollars a day. and for two days straight, i’ve had $200 plus days. yesterday and today. if this keeps up, i might start thinking full time for other web businesses.

  9. Juha Ylitalo

    Regarding my three blogs … (since you brought the subject up:)
    I try to keep my english blog as photoblog or to somehow tied up to photography (i.e. USB disks that I wrote about couple days ago are used as backup media for photos), but occasionally I drift off topic.

    My second blog is about taiji in Finland and thats all it is about… (which explains why it has so little stuff in it…).

    My oldest blog is partly photoblog, but I might also write (in finnish:) about all kind of other stuff in it as well. I.e. I am weekly posting status update about how my weight losing project is going on and in last September, I wrote travel journal about seven day hiking trip in Lapland.

    I’ve often wondered whether or not, I should try to start something else as well, but so far I haven’t yet come up with good ideas for topics.

  10. Brian Morgan

    Hey- too new to know if the “advice” is good or not- but really appreciate the honesty. Sales is a numbers game, so in my regular career, perhaps I should sell insurance for multiple firms and also sell a variety of different products – what every good Network Marketer told me in the past was that diversification was bad – too many intentions all going different directions. But the world is full of variables and many routes, so generalization is sometimes difficult. Thanks- keep up the great work and advice. Brian Morgan / Linked In / Do You Know? blog

  11. the noob Post author

    juhaylitalo- i don’t know if you noticed or not, but bloggernoob is so informal. if i was graded by a teacher for this blog, i’m not sure if i’d receive a passing grade. but, that’s what i love about blogging, as long as my sentences understandable, i’m a blogger. Even with topic, and ideas, i think it’s important, but even if it wasn’t, i think people would still visit, I’m a big believe in, “just do it” life is like poker, you won’t win every hand, but you gotta play to win. you have some nice blogs btw.

    brian- thanks brian for stopping by. success isn’t a formula. people try to package it up. 12 step program. rich dad poor dad. how to make your first million. so many of these type of books and ebooks. But you know what, they are all filled with general info. If you want to be successful in anything, you gotta learn for youself. Not everyone finds success going the same route. I think with internet venture, as long as you DO, and not give up, sooner or later, you’ll make money.

  12. Michelle

    Ok, now you’ve done it. I thought I was obsessed with blogging before (and I only just started!), but now you gave me something ELSE to obsess over! ROFL Should I start another blog or shouldn’t I? What should my topic be if I start another one? Do I or don’t I? Arrggghh!!! You had to open up another can of worms, didn’t you? LOLOL

    Seriously, though, you do raise a good point…

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