Boasting, bragging, and making money blogging

brag.jpgIn my show bling to make money online post, i talked about how so called A list bloggers show off their bling to make money online. I was being semi sarcastic, but this marketing technique totally works. My most popular posts are the ones i kind of show off. When i posted about my youtube fame, i got a lot of hits. Every time i post an income report, i get new referral commissions and a lot of hits. I think that’s why sales agents, especially real estate agents, have to drive the BMWs and flash some bucks to get clients. People want to deal with other people who are rich. Or at least give off the illusion that they are rich.

How do you project a rich image when you’re a broke ass blogger? You could go the scammer route and photoshop your income reports. I’ve seen it done before. Even tho it’s obvious that the affiliate commission is fake, people still react to it. There are a lot of noobs and a lot of idiots surfing the net. These scammers take advantage of those noobs.

You could also beg for guest posting gigs on so called A list blogs. This gives off the rich by association vibe. If a no name blogger does a guest post on johnchow, the idiot readers of johnchow will think that the no name guest poster is rich too. Maybe not but let’s not underestimate the stupid A list blog readers.

Even tho you haven’t made a dime online, you could show off your offline successes. If you drive a company car, lets say a hummer, you should take a picture of you standing next to it. Post it up on you blog. People will enjoy that i’m sure. If you got a huge bonus from your job, why not post a picture of your ugly mug with that bonus check. Works for Ron Jermemy(shoemoney)!

Look at most of the rap videos. What do they showcase? What do they rap about? It’s all the same. They rap about how rich they are. They rap about how many hoes they have. They throw out how many albums they sold.

If your blog is new and can’t really brag about anything yet, then you should work hard so you can start bragging. If you’re starting to see a jump in traffic, write about it. Brag about it and you’ll see that boasting on your blog will get clicks.

4 thoughts on “Boasting, bragging, and making money blogging

  1. Mr. Polite

    This concept is called ‘Fake it till you Make it’, and is used extensively by upper management types in multi-level marketing scams to get new people to spend more then they have.

    The presence of wealth unveils a primal desire in many people, the rich seem to have a sort of gravitational pull and the closer you get – the harder the pull. I personally don’t think that presenting a false persona is a bad thing, but when the information relayed is false or the intentions harmful, well… I wholly disagree with the pratice.

  2. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- i wish i could hire some hoers also. but i don’t think my wife would like it much.

    livingonadsense- :) i think a blog about being broke is an interesting read…but might not help with regards to making money online. if johnchow reported a few pennies on his income report. i don’t think people would be interested in what he had for dinner.

    mr polite- exactly. well put, mr polite. you worded it a lot more eloquently then i. but what can you expect from a noob. :)

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