is a parked site

Ever type to try to access You get to a parked site. I just wondered how much that domain cost. Thats a nice piece of internet real estate to have.

i’ve been reading in forums that its probably easy making 2 dollars here and 3 dollars there. thats probably the greatest thing about the internet. micro deals happen all the time. anyone with a computer and a internet connection can set up a website and take payments via paypal. go on forums and start building a reputation and slowly but surely you will start generating income. Its not a truck load of money but its a start. Sites like johnchow and shoemoney are extraordinary sites that started early and became the go to places for learning to blog for money. Its gonna be hard trying to emulate their success. I doubt they could copy their own success if they had to do it all over again.

word to bloggers. wordpress is a great blogging platform but there are alot of different options when developing a website. “make money online” is a hard niche to compete in especially if you are a noob. because i am a noob i didn’t realize this. i will focus my energies on another niche with this blog.

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  1. Rob

    I’ve seen a few great sites like that that are probably getting a ton of traffic! It amazes me that nobody does anything with them.

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