Borrow money for your web business

Blogging doesn’t cost that much money but if you have a more developed idea for a web business you might need some initial startup capital. Unless you have a rich uncle or a very generous friend you’re gonna find it a hard sell to borrow money to start your venture.

There is a site i’ve been following for some time now called prosper. It is a web community where users lend and borrow with other users. Its like a community of people who act as both bank and borrower. Running an operation like this can be risky but it’s perfectly safe. It’s paypal meets pay advances. I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. They have processed $98,000,000 in loads already. If you have bad credit your interest will be a bit higher but if you have awesome credit you can borrow with a great rate. If you want to invest the money you can make small loans out and earn an incredible interest rate.