Brothernoob Out!

It was fun blogging at bloggernoob for a week but my brother has returned today. Bloggernoob was hurt by Alexa, it went from 40,000 to 150,000. Does anyone know what Alexa is using to determine their ranking? I went to their site but they give very little detail. The funny part is that my Alexa at wozog actually improved from 220,000 to 170,000. So how did everyone else do? The better your Alexa means better paid postings. I guess I can now say goodbye to those 5 dollar posts! Once again it was fun and I hope I didn’t hurt the blog too much with my “noobness”. I wonder what my brother will say after he sees his Alexa at 150,000……he is going to beat my ass…..(if your wondering who the girl is, she is in the new Jackie Chan/Jet Lee movie. She might be the most beatiful asian girl I have ever seen)

6 thoughts on “Brothernoob Out!

  1. Jared Stenzel

    They changed the Alexa system but a week ago. Don’t worry though the large amount of visitors that will be coming back here when the daily posts return will help it go up again.

  2. rima

    you obviously have not seen south east asian women (indonesia, thai, malaysian)
    there are tons of gorgeous women there.. seriously!

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