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business.jpgI know most people are comfortable with the safety of a salary. It’s secure and doesn’t really cause that much stress. You do your work and you get paid. Business isn’t that secure. Business is a gamble. Some days, you might not get paid. Some days you might even lose money. But, business is the way to make a lot of money. I know a lot of rich people and none of them have become rich because of their salary. A few doctors i know have gotten rich cause they invested in real estate, not cause of what the hospital paid them. When you make 6 figures, your life styles changes. You get a bigger house, nicer car, and spend more money dinning out. You know how hard it is to save 100k even if you make 100k a year? I know a tax account who became rich, not by doing other people’s taxes, but by setting up his own import export company. The road to riches is not done by climbing the corporate ladder. Very few get rich via a company check or bonus. Of course there are outliers like tech companies and ipo and stock options but let’s not get into that.

Most people are scared of business. They are intimidated by it. It’s understandable considering a lot of small business fail within the first year. But a lot of them also succeed. I’ve been my own boss for around 7 years. I’ve worked the 9-5 right out of college but i wasn’t satisfied. I was bored out of my mind. And i can honestly say that i probably only worked about 4 hours during my 8 hours work day. It wasn’t challenging and it was boring. I wasn’t happy living paycheck to paycheck. I was fortunate enough to receive a lump of cash from my parents as a graduation present. I invested it all in real estate and i guess i caught the right timing. I made a lot of money and that afforded me some cushion to start my own business.

Lately, my offline businesses have run into some hurdles. Real estate is bad and i’m about to get married. I feel like i’m at a crossroads and i feel like i’ve found my new direction. I started this blog cause i was bored and wanted to try something new. But because of this blog, i’m starting to invest in internet ventures. I’ve already invest a lot of money into a few projects. I’m not expecting a high return. If i can break even and make a few dollars i’ll be happy. We all know that the internet is the future and i’m glad that i was able to discover it with this blog. I’m not an idiot. I don’t expect to make millions by blogging. I’ve invested in other web ventures. But i wouldn’t have even considered that option had not i started bloggernoob.

I just wanted to tell you timid guys that business is basic. You have a product or service and you sell it. Making money online is simple. If you have traffic, you will make money. Look at the giants like google, youtube, or myspace. They didn’t start off profitable. But because of traffic, they are all billionaires. If you have an idea, run with it. If you’re not tech savvy, it’s ok. Start somewhere. Why not start with a blog. It opened up my eyes for a lot of things and maybe it could for you. Starting a blog is no big deal. It doesn’t even cost any money. You could even start a free blogspot blog and then upgrade to your own later. Just get started.

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  1. charles

    Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams. I like your message about how people should just get started.

    It’s so simple, but true. I can’t tell you how much procrastinating I do. I’ll say I’ll post something new or open up a new blog, but I’ll never get to it because I don’t “feel” like it at that time.

  2. Bent

    I agreed friend.. after reading the book author by Robert kiyosaki “Rich Dad poor that” I realize why many people out there still struggle in financial..and I try to mind my own business after that.

  3. the noob Post author

    charles- i think everyone does this. i’ve been meaning to start on a internet project back in 1997. maybe if i did, who knows where my life would be. but i’m happy that i got started in 2007. even tho it’s 10 years late, i’m glad my eyes have opened up to internet business.

    bent- i read that book too. i think most business minded people have a copy of that book somewhere in the house. although it doesn’t contain anything specific, i does get your juices going to break out of the shell. i guess i’m an entrepenuer at heart. i can’t see myself every working a 9-5. i’d rather hit my own highs even if i have to ante up for the lows.

  4. Juha Ylitalo

    Couple thing to keep in mind when looking at flickr, myspace, facebook, youtube, …
    First of all, their only real achievement in economical terms (as far as I am aware) has been either their ability to gather venture capital or to be bought by even bigger internet company (Yahoo for Flickr, Google for YouTube, …).
    As my second point, all these listed companies get their fame, praises, etc. from the fact that they have hundreds if not thousands active users, who put lot of effort (usually without any kind of paycheck) to bring more content into these companies websites.
    With that in mind, it should be more profitable to setup domain, where everyone can get their own blog if they just accept your banners in top, footer or in sidebar in comparison to what you can get by having your very own blog, where you write all the stories, etc.
    IMHO personal blog as part of fulltime business will only make sense if you are trying to show others that you are good on database adminstration, as a photographer or in someother profession that your fond of or you are using it to lobby some product that you try to sell to public through internet.

    Before someone comes up with Darren Rowse and John Chow, those guys have lot of other blogs along with their “personal” blogs.
    Making fulltime living on single blog is almost like playing hockey in junior league and dreaming that one day you would play in NHL and make your fortune by playing it hockey.

    P.S. Even though I feel that these are realities, I still like the idea that I can make few bucks from writing new stuff into my blogs. :)

  5. Living on Adsense

    “Making fulltime living on single blog is almost like playing hockey in junior league and dreaming that one day you would play in NHL and make your fortune by playing it hockey.”

    I am pretty sure that I have read a few posts where noob talks about his other blogs. It drives me bonkers when people come to a blog to dispense the “make more blogs” advice without even thinking to research if the blogger has already created other blogs.

    I have the same problem at my blog and..

    “it maka me ah crazy”

  6. Allyn Paul

    An accountant…Import/export? Like the Godfather and Olive Oil eh? :)
    I am one of those guys stuck in a big company. I love my job, but I could make 10x more if this were my business. (yep, it’s lawn and landscape) but I don’t have da balls to start my own because if I get injured, I’m done. The big company offers medical and all that.
    One thing that you can get in big business that is invaluable: the ability to lead lots of people to success very quickly. (big companies attract top prospects and lots of them)
    This is what I love about my job.. taking naive kids and turning them into managers.
    Someday that could translate to blogging I hope.

  7. Juha Ylitalo

    Living on AdSense: If I remember correctly, Noob said while back that he is running 10 blogs and by now he might have couple more on his sleeve. However he didn’t mention it on this blog and I wanted to point out that if you really want to make living simply by blogging, you probably can’t do it with just one blog.
    With large number of blogs, you might run into problems with the fact that there are only 24h in a day, but you might make some sort of money.
    If you want to make big money, you have to be able to create system, where users will create at least some of the content for you (for fee or free).
    Blogging can be nice way for making additional income, but I wouldn’t call it fulltime job before I can make at least USD70k/year (due to fact that USD is currently so weak in comparison to EUR).

  8. Forest Parks

    I worked as a free lance print designer but got sick of it and took a 9-5 in a kitchen here in montreal.

    Got bored with that too. All I want to do is work on the net. So I quite and now I blog. I can only earn about $600-700 a month with my product reviews so creating new projects is a must.

    It’s interesting times for me. And I agree own business is the only way forward.

  9. the noob Post author

    juha- when brining up flickr, myspace, facbook, youtube. yeah. these are giants. and they didn’t make money until they got sold to a bigger giant. but isn’t that how big money is made. i work in real estate development and the big money is made not in the day to day or even month to month transactions. it’s made when you sell to a bigger development company.

    i agree with you about blogging. i think only a few can make income type money with their blogs. and it’s not realistic to aim for that as a goal. like i mentioned in one of my earlier posts, i think setting goals of $300 per blog is good. nice little pocket change for a hobby right.

    thanks for you comment juha

    livingonadsense- i don’t think juha was making any type of negative statement. and i can understand his point and yours also. but to tell you the truth. i welcome comment. whether it be negative or positive. thanks for having my back tho :)

    allyn- i can totally understand your position. but who know, maybe you can save some money and make the jump. i don’t think full time business is meant for everyone. i have a lot of friends who completely disagree with me on being your own boss. i boils down to personality. i for one as more entrepaneural.

    juha- you are correct, only about 10 are blogs i actually work on. but i do have 50 or so blogs up. and they do make a few dollars a month. having a lot of blogs isn’t the answer, it could be monetised, but honestly its not worth it to constantly keep the blogs running at full speed. not enough time to do that. and it’s not worth typing all day long for a few bucks. i think if you truely want to make money online, you have to work on other type of web ventures. mix it up and it’s possible to make as much as your salary. and my point is that blogging is a gateway business. like how weed is a gateway drug. i think if you start a blog, you’ll naturally move up to harder and more bigger websites.

    forest- i admire you courage and im totally routing for you. but it is a risk. i don’t think i would close down my offline businesses anytime soon. my blog is a side project and if my other web investment yield fruit, i might consider selling my other businesses, but now i’m happy to juggled the two. it’s also safer. i think if you dive head first, you could gain ground faster, but you’re making it more risky. but i love you go it attitude and wish you luck.

  10. benedetto

    Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.

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