Buy and sell wordpress themes

mark wahlberg makes money onlineBuy and sell wordpress themes to make money online. I hired a guy to build me a unique theme. It didn’t cost me a lot of money. If i sell a couple of themes, i’m sure i’d profit off of it. A lot of make money bloggers do this to increase their income. It’s something that doesn’t cost a lot of money, but can add some passive income. You can also opt to give these wordpress themes out for free. You can either sell off the footers links to sponsors or build up PR on one of your other sites (by putting your own link in the footer). There are a lot of wordpress theme designers who have high PR on their blogs because they get so many sitewide footer links.

Getting your own them to buy, sell, or give out for free is super easy. It’s so easy that i won’t even go that much into detail about it.

Get a programmer. Find a coder to do your theme for you. The cost is anywhere from $100-$200. Find a freelancer at scriptlance dot com or a site similar to that.

Get theme. Tell the hired programmer that you want a theme like X. (X can be a site that you like. Copy a theme that you like from someone else blog.)

Put your link in the footer. When you are starting out, no one will buy a theme from you. It’ll be too hard to sell, so give them out for free first. After your site gains traction, start selling them for like $50-$100 buck. If you sell like two of them, you already broke even.

Set up paypal download function. There are plugins for this on wordpress.

10 thoughts on “Buy and sell wordpress themes

  1. wiehanne

    Absolutely! Wp theme is one of the ways to earn $ online. I’m struggling with SimplyWP, my wp theme blog.

    Anyway, what do you mean by:
    “Set up paypal download function.”

    What is that for? *am a noob 😛

  2. Rick Vaughn

    Noob, usually I agree with you but there are way to many good themes out there. I guess you could make alittle money from it but long-term that would be hard.

  3. PaulsHealthBlog

    I have both a WordPress blog as well as a Blogger blog.

    Since I am not overly techie, I prefer the Blogger account.

    I have not yet heard of anyone selling their Blogger blog for a profit, though.

  4. Dean Saliba

    Would you not have to rely on the person getting your theme for free being honest and keeping the link in your footer?

    I know the first thing many people do when getting a free theme is remove the links in the footer. :(

  5. KushMoney

    Noob, you made another great post. I thought about getting 3 or 4 themes made sell a few links in the footer than give out the themes for free. Would be a great way to build traffic to my blog.

    Dean, you can always get the footer encrypted. So if they tried to edited the footer they can’t. Most people that remove the footer links only know html. So having the footer encrypted they wouldn’t know what to remove.

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