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scarlett makes money onlineI was researching some of the sites that were for sale over at sitepoint today. I saw a couple make money online blogs for sale. Every time i see a make money blog for sale, i make a weird face. I keep thinking about cashquests. I think about the performance of other blogs that sold. It’s usually not a good idea to buy an established MMO blog. It’s cause most of the traffic will die out in time. Blogs are different from static pages. It’s more personal. The blogger’s voice shows via his or her posts. When someone sells you something as personal as a blog, you’re not going to see similar traffic levels after you buy.

When i first started this blog, i wrote a lot of crappy posts. I still write crappy posts, but now i have an audience. That makes a big different. You guys are helping me make money by reading my sub-par posts. I could probably start a new blog now, and see results a lot faster without putting in that much energy or time.

One of my earlier posts was about me begging for a blog to buy. Back then, because nobody was reading my shitty blog, i wanted to buy a blog. I was desperate. If someone read that post, and offered to sell me a blog i probably would have bought it. Even if i got ripped off, i would have taken the blog. It’s cause i didn’t know anything at the time. I just wanted to be heard and experience a blog where people actually read my shit.

Are any of you like that right now? Do you want to buy a blog desperately? Do you want to make money online with you blog? If you’re reading my blog, you probably answered yes to one of those three questions. I don’t think that you should buy an expensive blog. And blogs that make a lot now, won’t after you take it over. It would be hard for an experienced blogger to maintain someone elses blog. If a noob takes over a blog, that blog will fall apart. Buying a blog could be a good strategy if you want to start monetizing right away. If you don’t want to fuss with the learning experience of setting up a new blog, then you should buy one. Buy a cheap blog. Buy a blog that doesn’t cost more then a few hundred dollars. Doing so will get you a private blogging guide/tutor. You’re not only buying the blog, you’re buying guidance.

If any of you want to buy a starter blog, email me at

9 thoughts on “Buying a make money online blog

  1. ChiQ Montes

    Not necessarily.. i mean, is so much better now with its new owner, max.. so if there is an established blog for sale and the buyer simply thinks he can do better.. then i think it still is a good idea anyway to purchase an existing site that already has traffic and authority than start from scratch.

  2. the noob Post author

    chiq- ahh yes, bloggingexperiement. Yeah the guy who ran the blog before was a total kiss ass. But the new guy, i think he’s a pretty good blogger. i think blog experiment is a rare case. most mmo blogs that sell, don’t become better.

  3. Matt

    I’d be interested in buying a couple of established blogs that the owner has lost interest in but I wouldn’t want to pay more than about $50 for it. I know this is really cheap and some people might be offended, but frankly I would be doing this to make a profit for me, not for the person selling the blog, and I’m sure somebody will sell someday.

  4. the noob Post author

    matt- yeah, you’re totally right. It’s good to be frugal when you shop for mmo blogs. But to be honest, 50 bucks is kinda low. 50 bucks won’t get you much. Probably just a blog without any sort of rank or income. Just a themplate with a few posts. Instead buy buying for 50 bucks, you should just set up your own blog. 😉

    I was talking more about a few hundred bucks. Nothing more tho.

  5. Matt

    Maybe I’d be better off spending $50 getting paid reviews at DP, I mean some of those guys with PR1 or PR2 will happily do a paid review for a $1, might give me better options than buying an existing blog, although what I really want to do is buy a couple of failed adult sites for the same amount and use their se indexing to promote other sites as I build up my portfolio

  6. the noob Post author

    matt- yup. Or just buy a $50 domain. You could probably snag a PR3 or PR4 domain with $50 bucks. Adult sites ehh? i run a few myself. It provides some nice passive income. only thing about buying adult sites is this…watch out for scammers. seems to be a lot of adult site scammers. Even more then Make money online types. 😉

  7. Me

    When Kumiko sold, I mourned :-( .
    I don’t begrudge her though. It was her decision to make.

    I like BloggingExperiment. was good too but he’s working on other projects, which I totally respect, but I do miss his posts.

    John Cow’s selling his, isn’t he? I hope it doesn’t go the way of Cashquests with the life & personality sucked right out of it.

    take care, Noob…

  8. Forest Parks

    I would lose pride if I bought a blog. I like starting things from the ground up.

    Maybe in time when I become more professionl :) I will consider buying and flipping the domain.

  9. the noob Post author

    me- never hard of worldofangel. gotta check that one out. 😉

    forest- i’m a groud up guy myself, but now, i would totally buy a reasonably priced blog. I think if it pencils, you should buy. only thing is, most make money blogs don’t pencil. 😉

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