Bye Bye Blogrush

blogrush.jpgI’ve come to the conclusion that blogrush sucks. I’ve had this stupid widget on my blog for around two month and it brought be around 20 readers. It has to be one of the most overrated widget in the history of blogging. Have you ever clicked on a blogrush article? Me neither. To think it was backed by some major venture capitalists. Idiots! Entrecard is way better and it was made by some random college kid.

So i have decided to give blogrush the boot. I can still leave it on my blog until i find another use for the adspace, but i want to start the new year off without this loser of a widget slowing my load time up. Bye Bye Blogrush.

9 thoughts on “Bye Bye Blogrush

  1. kmcgra

    What is interesting is that if you watch their little promotional video from the blogrush dashboard page, they even mention that they are getting complaints about poor “click through ratio” for their widgets!

    They can improve if they lessen the number of headlines, and allow some mechanism to allow a brief intro to posts on their widget. Maybe allow an image or two instead of just text?

  2. Sam Nova

    I’m not surprised that you got rid of Blogrush, mine will go within a week or so I guess.
    I have had my posts shown thousand and thousand of times and well, I probably got around 20-30 clicks in total.
    About clicking on BlogRush articles, I think I feel victim of that once but only once.
    So it did me no good.

    Entrecard on the other hand… way better and I do often check all the latest cards from the Dashboard and found some rather interesting blogs this way.. such as this one 😉

  3. ryan

    Blogrush does suck. Congrats on getting rid of it. Now you just have to wait for 45 days to pass for them to delete your blogrush account…UGH

  4. Allyn Paul

    I had blogrush on my old site and got 3 visits from it, but I never one-time clicked on it for my-own-self. I agree that Entrecard is da bomb! I now use it as a way to find new blogs. I oftentimes use the widget to visit a dozen sites looking for stuff to read in the evenings. Of course, once Prison Break and Am Idol start their new seasons, I will not have as much blog discovery time. 😉

  5. the noob Post author

    kmcgra- im sure there are a lot of ways to improve, but obviously they don’t care. maybe they did a quick cashout or whatever. it’s lame and i’m glad to be rid of it.

    sam nova- yup. entrecard is like the little engine that could. i think graham is a pretty good internet marketer. get in, cash out and sell the site. a few more of these and he could become a millionaire.

    ryan- im surprised i didn’t give it the boot sooner.

    thewild1- it should be called bloghush. hush as in silent…silent as in no traffic. my bad. that was lame

    allyn paul- allyn…do people still use the phrase, “da bomb”? haha just clowning you. i still say “rad” didn’t peg you as the am idol type. i liked season one of prison break…but what is up with all of these shows sucking after the first two seasons. lost sucks. they’re never gonna get off that damn island. prison break blows, it’s never ending. i’ll watch am idol again if they get some more william hungs up in there.

  6. Eric

    I felt just the same,

    The space it takes on the site is to much to let it go trouhg the drain.
    I’m going to replace it with entrecard i think

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