Bye bye mybloglog

mybloglog.jpgMybloglog was the first blog networking site i joined. I was so excited when it sent like 9 visitors. Then i found Blogcatalog, and i couldn’t believe how much traffic it was sending me. I was getting at least double the traffic of mybloglog. Nowadays, i don’t have time to even check mybloglog. I know for medium and so called A-list bloggers, mybloglog is king. That’s why i even joined it in the first place. Cause i saw johnchow had it on his thing. Same with the lame ass blogrush. But, after i learned my own ways to get traffic, i stopped reading johnchow, and i stopped trying to copy the big boys. After a few months of testing, i’ve decided to boot mybloglog from this make money blog.

I booted it cause it sometimes slowed down my load time. I was also giving out way too many external links to mybloglog. I still want my links to have value. It also wasn’t brining in much traffic. I was getting like 9 hits a day from mybloglog. So i gave it the boot. I will miss some of my readers’ mybloglog avatars, but most of you are on blogcatalog so that won’t be a problem. I still have that widget on my footer.

11 thoughts on “Bye bye mybloglog

  1. Ben Barden

    Good move! I did a review of it a couple of weeks back, and I too noticed that it was bringing me basically no traffic. I haven’t removed the widget yet, so I may just go ahead and do that.

  2. Raven

    Bah, I’m not showing up in the Recent Viewers. I’m even still logged into my BC account on another tab, and still nothing. Come on BC, get your widget in gear!

    Now I have to rely on comments to let Noob I was stalking his realm. 😉

  3. Middle Manager

    I only use MyBlogLog for the block of Avatars and the label “readers”
    It is my opinion that when people find my site via organic search (these are people who are not so blog savvy) that they see all those avatars and assume “wow, this blog is successful,,, just look at all the interesting people who read it”
    That is all it’s good for.
    BTW–this is the way I was introduced to the blog world because I wanted to be a part of a “reader community”

  4. kmcgra

    I have been checking Alexa to gauge the popularity of “so called” social blogging sites. You can see that mybloglog is seeing a steady decline over the past year. Blogrush is sinking like an absolute rock. On the other hand is rising sharply (since teaming with…as is with its partnership with Entrecard. Interesting stuff…like watching stocks rise and fall.

  5. the noob Post author

    ben- yeah. if it wasn’t slowing my blog down, i would still keep it, but it was slowing it down at times.

    raven- BC is a few mins slow i think with the avatars.

    middlemanager- al, allyn? if it’s not you, someone stole your praying image. nice blog btw. i know, i liked seeing the new visitors avatars too. i still have bc up so it should be ok. and i didn’t know you were a middle manager?

    kmcgra- that’s always fun to do. i haven’t done that yet with projectwonderful or entrecard, but i have compared bc and mybloglog. the guys over at bc are doing a great job growing that network.

  6. bariles

    Uh-oh. I made my first friends thru MyBlogLog and it would be too harsh to part with it. But I guess, just like what you said, most of them are also with BlogCatalog now. Have to make a choice sooner.

  7. Forest Parks

    I am wondering what programs to use for my site and I think I am going to steer clear of this and maybe even tehnorati too, mainly because it annoys me when it does not work.

  8. the noob Post author

    bariles- It shouldn’t be a problem, all of them are on BC anyhow. :)

    Forrest- why technorati? do you have a technorati widget that slows your blog down? not sure if i quite understand. but with mybloglog, i say give it the boot if you already have blogcatalog.

  9. Juha Ylitalo

    I haven’t done any real work for promoting mybloglog or blogcatalog and it shows, when I look into my referals list in Google Analytics.
    Within last 30 days, I have mybloglog at position 30 with 14 visitors and blogcatalog at position 31 with 13 visitors.

    Since I am running photo blog, I feel that my time is better spent on photography related forums, blogs, photo theme for thursday and other such actitivies. (It might also be just my lack of imagination on how to make mybloglog and/or blogcatalog to work for me).

  10. Middle Manager

    Noob–yep, that’s my new venture. Seems to be going well so far.
    And, yes, I am a middle manager. WHen you work for a fortune 500, you pretty much are destined to be a middle manager for life.
    But I really love my job as you may be able to tell from my other blog.

  11. the noob Post author

    juha- i think so. getting target specific visits is 10 times better then random ones. what are some of the photo related forums you visit juha?

    middlemanager- nice AL, what fortune 500 do u work for if you don’t mind me asking. i agree with you about middle manger for life. i thought you ran your own landscaping business.

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