Bye bye project wonderful

yunjin kim makes money onlineIt turns out that project wonderful isn’t so wonderful at all. (sorry for the corny wordplay) I’ve had that damn widget on my sidebar for over 3 months and i’ve earned a whopping $15. $15 dollars is nothing. I charge $40/month for my sidebar ads. I know it might be a bit overpriced, but i’ve sold each and every single ad space.(i’m wicked good at selling) So, the obvious conclusion is to say bye bye to project wonderful cause it’s not helping me make money online. I guess i wanted to give the ad program a test run. That’s why i didn’t remove the widget earlier. I saw flashes where i was getting 70 cents a day. It would be worth it at that price or higher, but at 2-5 cents a day, it’s a no brainer.

I could just collect $40/month for that ad space, but i won’t be so selfish. Instead, i’ll try a little promotion for my blog. My comments and RSS subscriptions have been stagnant, so i will use the ad space to give it a little boost. You can get a free ad spot on my blog just for commenting or signing up for my RSS feed.

From today on, i will award readers who leave me comments on my blog. I will randomly pick someone out of my comments section and give them an add on my blog. How does that sound? And if you haven’t yet subscribed to my RSS feed, you should do so now. Just click on one of the links on the top right of my blog.

Like most of my contests/promotions, it’s easy to enter. Just leave me a comment and you are entered. Subscribe to my feed, and you are entered. Every few days, i will randomly select someone from my comments or feed for the ad prize. Cheers and TGIF everyone!

37 thoughts on “Bye bye project wonderful

  1. Jared Stenzel

    First comment and same niche blog :)

    Project wonderful is pretty worthless. I have however put a 3 spot banner up on a worthless blog I set up months ago that I never use. Apparently the slots sell for 0.01 each day. Slowly I earn a few dollars from it.

  2. the noob Post author

    jared- yeah project wonder is worthless. WEll not really. I did make 15 bucks. but it’s not worthwhile. a penny a day doesn’t sound too good jared. u could probably make more with adsense. and u know how i feel about adsense

  3. wendy

    Morning Noob. Sorry to hear about your lack of making the money you were hoping for.

    I just want to make some LOL

    You think your comments and RSS are stagnant. I thought you were doing quite well actually but that is from someone with a new blog.

    You should check out your handsome Noob face on it. More than once I might add.

    Hope yo have a great weekend

  4. Kevin Grieves

    I have made nearly $30 in four months using Project Wonderful. That’s not enough to paint the town red, I grant you. But it isn’t a bad return on the effort I put it: filling in an application form; setting up a few ads; pasting some HTML onto my blog.

    The one thing I do like about PW is that it is fairly guaranteed regular income, albeit a trickle of income, for now at least. I dream of the days when my sustained traffic building causes a bidding war on my ads. Ah well, we can always dream.

    Excellent blog btw.

  5. Jan Alvin

    Yeah! I’m also having a hard time to make money with but now for me its a tool for promoting my site to others by bidding! You should try it too. Hey! Nice way to attract commentators! eheheh (^^,)

  6. Viqi French


    Glad I read your post about project wonderful. I tried to sign up a few days ago and the system was buggy. Kept giving me some kind of weird error message.

    I’d planned to go back and try again. But thanks to you, I now know better than waste my time.

  7. the noob Post author

    i’ll wait for a few more comments on this post and i’ll select a winner for the ad spot. thanks guys for commenting.

  8. bloggernoob

    goblogging- yeah it’s pretty worthless. u should cash out your $2.70 and buy yourself a cup a coffee. 😉 even tho they payout at 10 bucks…i found a quick fix. just load your PW account with the remainder to make it $10. and then cash out. that’s what i did with my 5 bucks remainder. 😉 hope that helped u out.

  9. witchypoo

    I have subscribed to so many feeds that commenting is done less often. I figure your readers will get pissy if I win the $5 again.
    But I sure would enjoy free ad space.

  10. the noob Post author

    m-dinesh- that’s cool. i guess you want to be more convinced before you make any type of purchase. But if you consider it, a domain for less then $10/year is nothing. When you do put in a little cash, be sure to do some proper research.

    witchypoo- haha. yeah you’re like the mother winner of my contests. Naw, my readers are not the pizzy sorts. 😉

  11. bloggernoob

    I will now select a winner. i put it off for some time. Been busy with my day job. The winner of the project wonderful ad spot is. Roshan bhattarai. Congrats! Leave me another comment here to confirm, and send me an email with the 125×125 image that you want on the ad. and the url of the link. I’ll give more free ads away so keep an eye out.

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  13. m.dinesh

    Hai bloggernoob, i am sorry for you that projectwonderfull made you so less money, than you get.

    Thank you for a free ad spot.

    Can i get an ad spot please.

    Thank you so much.

  14. the noob Post author

    bm- ok. you don’t have to leave comment on this post. I check all of my posts for comments for this ad spot. 😉

    m dinesh- thanks for commenting. I will pick winners from all of the comments my blog posts. not just this one. Thanks for the comments.

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