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la_live_masterplan1.jpgstrong>I’m in California. I’m here to get married. My wedding is set. Got all the groomsmen and bridesmaids fitted. The Church and Reception ballroom locked. I’ve even been taking dance lessons for the first dance. It’s been stressful but i think the wedding will turn out pretty nice. I hope so, spent like 33k on it. For one day….

At the airport, i noticed a lot of people with laptops and mobile internet devices. I travel frequently and i see a trend happening. Even compared to a year ago, i think i see an increase of people with laptops at the airport. People are constantly logged in. They might work for a big corporation. Or they might be a small business owner. Or they might be blogging as a hobby. People need to be connected at all times. For entertainment and for money. For social networking and for porn. Whatever the reason, people are hooked.

In LA a major development in downtown openned. The project is called LA LIVE. The Nokia Theater is the first part of that development. That theater hosts the Grammys and now it’s going to add the Emmys to the mix. Pretty major. Anyway…that development cost around 2.5 billion dollars. Pretty expensive but understandable cause it’s a major development. It’s right next to the Staples Center and it’s pretty big in scale.

I think about all the construction costs. The amount of man hours to put that thing together. The wood, concrete, steel, and glass that went into it. And then i think about facebook dot com. Amazing. A damn website put it’s owner on the Forbe’s list. The guy is worth over 2 billion dollars. He’s like 23 years old too. Because of his little website, he has enough money to create his own mini city. A damn website. No glass, no wood, no steel. Just some HTML, CSS, Flash, Ajax, Mysql, PHP, and whatever else. Just some zeros and ones.

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