Cashquests sells for $15,000

cq.jpgOne of my favorite blogs about making money online has sold for $15,000. I would think that he would sell for around $20,000 but as with real estate, its a buyers market. Congrats to Kumiko for the sale and good luck to the new owner with the blog. I’m not sure if Kumiko from cash quests is a girl or a guy but i did like her/his writing style. Like other blogs that change ownership i think it will be a hard transition. I know that i probably won’t be checking up on cashquests anymore and i just canceled my subscription via feedburner. I used to read bloggingfingers but after it sold for 6k i rarely visit the site.

Interesting to see that the seller used the name soozooki instead of cashquests or kumiko. just something to make you question kumiko really being a japanese girl.

The owner of cashquests kept a low profile for the sale of this site. Bloggingfingers sold with a lot of noise. It was advertised and many blogs reported on the sale of it. Its better to keep these transactions silent for the readers of the blog that is being sold. If i never found out i would still be reading cashquests.

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