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Make money blog circle jerk

kiss-ass.jpgI hate make money online blogs. True, my blog is a make money blog, but doesn’t mean that i have to like other blogs in my niche. Besides, i hate my blog too. It sucks just as much as chow’s blog. The reason i feel this way is cause of the big fat circle jerk. Bloggers in my niche have cliques. In these cliques, only a few actually make real money. The rest all just suck ass to the top guys. I don’t suck up to these guys, but i still can’t stand my own blog. It’s cause bloggernoob is a make money online blog and make money online blogs suck. Continue reading

Link with an insult?

images.jpgLinking to another blog is the highest form of blog flattery. So if you insult a blogger, should you link to that blog? Of course not. Why give link love to a blog you dislike? Of course, it could make for a more interesting comment section. The blogger you insulted will come back to your blog and trash you back. Or he or she will take the noble route and turn the other cheek. Continue reading