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make money online with your own blog network

I use to supplement my blogging income by writing for a blog that i didn’t own. I got paid around $15 dollars per post. The post could be anywhere from 100 words to 400 words. I took the job not because i needed the money, but rather for experience. I wanted to learn from this blogger. I wrote for an iphone blog. I have been a fan of the iphone every since it came out. During that same time, i started my own iphone blog. I figured that i wouldn’t need to do any additional research for this freelance gig. I don’t blog for other people anymore. I have found that the time invested is just not worth it. I would much rather invest my time into something that i own. But, i did learn something big. I learned how the bigger fish play. I learned how to think bigger with my blog. You can end up with a nice blog farm by setting up your own blog network. Here is why i think that everyone should make money online with their own blog network. Continue reading

23 yr old blogger sells blog for $15 million

scarlett johansson makes $15 million onlineI read about this about a week ago and wanted to report on this but i’ve been kinda busy. At any rate, i wasn’t surprised at the purchase price of a blog for $15 million(blogs can turn into big business), but have to admit that i found the story to be interesting. Johns Wu, a 23 year old blogger from bankoholic sold his banking blog for $15,000,000 to bankrate. The blog was set up in July of 2006. I checked out the blog and didn’t find anything special. I guess that the site ranks well for credit card and interest rate terms in search engines. Wanted to write this up to inspire you guys to dream big. Making money with you blog is something that is real. 99.999% chance that you won’t reach this level or get this lucky, but you can still make a few dimes with you blog. Continue reading